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Meeting demand with a network of global manufacturing sites

Global coverage

Titus UK is managed from its headquarters in the UK and provides products and services to an extensive customer base.

With a network of manufacturing sites, regional headquarters and distribution points in Europe, North America, China, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Titus Group is best place to serve customers wherever they are in the world.

Titus at KBB

Manufacturing facilities

Our state-of-the-art production facilities are carefully managed, with an emphasis on quality control and employee welfare.

With two facilities in Slovenia, one in Indonesia and one in China, our manufacturing sites are well supported by regional headquarters and distribution facilities.

Regional headquarters

In addition to our headquarters in the UK, we have a further 11 regional headquarters, spanning the US, Europe, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia. These additional office locations allow us to work closely within specific geographies, so that we can understand the needs of customers in different regions of the world.

It also makes our distribution and supply chain processes leaner and more tailored to each geographical area.

Distribution points

Titus is proud to operate a network of 24 distribution points in 12 global locations, storing and distributing our cabinet hardware to customers around the world.

It is thanks to this vast network of locations that we can best serve clients, no matter where they are located.

We have you covered

No matter where you are located, be that in one country or spread across numerous locations, our manufacturing and distribution network has you covered, with delivery that is reliable and a powerful supply chain partnership that can change markets.

Call our dedicated team to discuss where in the world you need cabinet hardware and begin the right supply chain partnership today.

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