Black cabinet door hinges...
More than a colour?

The past few years have seen a shift towards black cabinet door hinges and hardware used within modern kitchen designs. Black is subtler than silver or brass and provides a smart, minimalist finish, particularly matt black which doesn’t reflect light.

Consumers and kitchen retailers are increasingly using matt black fixtures to elevate designs and add a contemporary twist to furniture. Hardware manufacturers have responded by creating black cabinet door hinges and handles.


TeraBlack goes beyond aesthetics

TeraBlack is Titus’ range of matt black hardware and damping. When designing it, we wanted it to deliver a premium finish. But it was important that the hardware provided more than aesthetics and improved functionality too.

We set about engineering a product that was resistant to corrosion. The result was Titus Enhanced Resistance Application – TeraBlack – innovative cabinet hardware, with the T-type hinge as the star product. The non-reflective matt black finish has a smooth uniform surface with a velvety feel. The surface finish is visually impressive and highly resistant to wear and tear.

Performance and style

We developed TeraBlack in response to the growing demand for dark cabinet hardware, but the range certainly doesn’t put style over substance.

The matt black cabinet door hinges deliver a high level of consistency throughout their lifecycle. And it isn’t just limited to hinges. A whole range of fittings, including push latches, shelf supports, joining plates and connectors are available in TeraBlack.

TeraBlack is much more than a colour option. It’s a uniquely durable finish with lasting good looks. Like all solutions from Titus, it’s engineered for purpose.

We hope we’ve given you a good overview of what black cabinet door hinges can add to a design. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or fitter looking for the right hinges, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com