Damping solutions for quiet homes

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Quiet home and kitchen designs are the future. Everyone strives towards their home being a place they can truly wind down and relax. Whether it’s a shared home or a house with young children, there are a host of reasons that homeowners are increasingly looking towards reducing noise and promoting a calmer atmosphere in their houses.

Quiet homes can be achieved through the right furniture and design decisions. This includes damping solutions. We have a range of soft-close and damping solutions that are ideal for creating a quiet home atmosphere, which we’re going to look into in this blog.

What is damping?

A damping hinge by Titus

A damping hinge uses a built-in hydraulic mechanism to reduce speed and sound during the opening and closing of doors and drawers, resulting in what’s widely known as a ‘soft close’ effect in cabinetry.

Damping solutions for furniture assembly are perfect for creating a soft and slow motion in moving parts. Damping offers effective motion control, softening the impact of a component as it is used. This reduces speed and noise, stops abrupt movements, and prevents the jarring slamming sound that’s often experienced when closing doors and drawers that don’t use damping hinges.

Quiet kitchen designs for the future

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Most people have been in a situation where a door or drawer is unintentionally slammed shut, making a loud and often startling noise. Dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens make loud noises like this a thing of the past, promoting a calmer home environment.

Noise reduction isn’t the only benefit of soft-close components. Furniture damping also…

  • Protects contents
    Damping hinges reduce the speed of closing a cabinet or drawer. This means the contents stay in place and aren’t thrown about during closes. For this reason, damping is perfect for cabinets or drawers that hold valuables or fragile, easily breakable items, like china and glasses.


  • Prevents injury
    Slamming fingers in doors or drawers is a common injury in the home, particularly in those with young children. A soft-close finish to cabinetry prevents slamming, protecting fingers from being trapped.

Dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens and homes

damper by Titus

So, what products are available? At Titus, we offer a range of soft-close mechanisms for doors and drawers, including hinge systems and soft-close drawer runners. Here’s a closer look.

Glissando Hinge Dampeners

Offering a soft-close mechanism for doors of all heights and weights, our Glissando Hinge Dampers work with a variety of hinges. The range includes:

  • Glissando TT: An add-on soft-close solution that works with the T-type hinge.
  • Glissando TL3: For consistent soft-close on B-type and S-type 110 hinges.
  • Glissando TL170: A soft-close solution with a 170-degree opening angle for concealed hinges.
  • Glissando CR: A long-lasting soft-close solution for stand-alone doors.

Learn more about the range.

Titusoft soft-close drawer runners

Easy to install on wooden or metal drawers, our soft-close drawer runners are high quality and require no pre-drilling. They can be installed during furniture construction or retrofitted at a later date.

Our soft-close drawer runners feature the Titus hydraulic damper for consistent performance. The range includes:

  • Titusoft MD: A universal system for single wall metal drawers.
  • Titusoft WD: A system created for wooden drawers.
  • Titusoft FF: For face frame cabinets with wooden drawers.

Learn more about the range.

Titusoft SD sliding door dampers

Our sliding door dampers guarantee no re-bounce for a consistent, soft-close effect on doors of all sizes and weights. Compact and easy to install, they utilise the Titus modular hydraulic damper for reliable and consistent performance. The range includes:

  • Titusoft SD100s: For bottom-running sliding doors.
  • Titusoft SD100: For top-running sliding doors.

Learn more about the range.

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We hope you enjoyed learning more about quiet kitchen and home designs for the future. We can supply quality furniture hardware in high volumes. If you want dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens, get in touch with the team to request a sample or more information.