How our integrated offering puts the customer first

Titus has been engineering precision components and cabinetry hardware for over 40 years. Everything we know about component engineering goes into every unit we sell.

Our totally integrated approach underpins everything that we stand for. From end to end, our integrated engineering puts the customer front and centre, always keeping them in mind to ensure we deliver an effective, problem-solving end result.

To do this, we combine our customer-led research and development with lean processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing operations. Each stage of the innovation and production process is strategically managed. From formalising new product concepts and developing prototypes to manufacturing and bringing to market components that solve real industry problems, every step is fully integrated.

Our integrated offering is made up of three main areas of expertise – product design, technologies and manufacturing operations. Each area supports and creates added value for the other two, and together they result in quality precision components. Here’s a little more about the key areas.

Product design.

We design and engineer unique components that are consistent and repeatable in both quality and performance.

Manufacturing technologies

We combine state-of-the-art technologies with tried and tested manufacturing processes to improve productivity and product quality.

Manufacturing operations

With an extensive in-house manufacturing operation, we are best placed for high-volume production of a range of precision components.


In addition to this, we create fittings for purpose. We deliver a lower ‘total installed cost’ by creating products that offer a range of competitive and unique advantages. We always strive to create components that have less parts and less preparation actions for faster assembly either in the factory or in the home. And, we have a fast time to market. Our lean and cost-effective processes allow us to service customers who require large quantities of products delivered to the factory quickly.

Ultimately, at each stage of the process, we ensure that consumer-centric design is our priority. All the main technologies and services required for high-volume production of hardware are available in-house.

The components we create are easy to install and provide lasting strength, all with the end goal of improving furniture quality for our customers. All stages of the process perfectly complement each other and are reinforced by a strong understanding of consumer needs – ultimately resulting in a completely integrated service for our customers.


If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.