How sliding wardrobe doors work

Sliding wardrobe doors are easy to use and make the most of storage space in compact rooms. Used for standalone and fitted wardrobes, sliding doors enable you to place other furnishings closer to the wardrobes without needing to allow swing space for the doors. 

The technology behind sliding wardrobe doors is what sets them apart. Built with hydraulic damping, sliding door dampers ensure the doors close smoothly and silently for the lifetime of the product. Sliding doors open and close consistently, with the damping preventing slamming. 

How sliding wardrobe doors work

The core element of soft closing door systems is the multi-purpose hydraulic damper. Hydraulic damper technology provides soft and silent closing for doors and drawers, with a modular design guaranteeing reliable performance even with heavy doors.
Doors are mounted to runners, with the top track fitted to the ceiling or wardrobe top and the bottom track to the floor or bottom of the wardrobe. Sliding door dampers are compact and installed inside the top or bottom of the cabinet.

What makes a good sliding wardrobe door damping system?

 Intuitive positioning and assembly
✓ Compact design for concealed application
✓ Consistent soft closing on doors of different sizes and weights
✓ Double stage spring to minimise pull-out force
✓ No re-bounce on closing

What types of damping work with sliding wardrobe doors?

Damper for bottom running sliding doors

The Titusoft SD100s works in a wide variety of bottom running sliding doors with U or double U profiles. The design is compact and concealed from view, with easy installation. The TwoStep spring, limits pull-out force, helping the door open easily and smoothly.

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Damper for top running sliding doors 

Titusoft SD100 is the add-on soft closing mechanism for top running sliding doors. It is simple to mount on the top of the cabinet and provides reliable soft-closing door operation for the lifetime of the product. Expect fast closing action and a quiet landing with SoftTouch.

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Hidden damping in pocket doors

Compact dampers for pocket doors create smooth, soft-closing doors. The damper’s compact size allows for installation in a limited space available in the top rail system. The robust and compact damper enables efficient motion control for silent closing.

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Touch opening for handless sliding doors

The Titus PushPlus for pocket doors provides soft-close and touch opening in a single mechanism. Typically, pocket sliding doors stop slightly before the wall, but the Titus system allows the door to close flush. Push activated opening and closing is safe and silent to use.

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Our hydraulic damping technology is at the core of our components. To find our more about it, visit our hydraulic damping solutions page. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.