Introducing Slidix: the cutting-edge soft-close range

We’re all about cutting-edge solutions designed with convenience and functionality in mind. We make assembly simple with performance-engineered components that offer consistent quality and are available in high volumes.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our range, Slidix. Slidix is a comprehensive range of soft close sliding door damper mechanisms for sliding door systems. Going beyond only furniture applications, Slidix is designed to work in a wide range of sliding doors and drawers, from wardrobes and barn doors to sliding shower doors and white goods like refrigerators.

At the core of the Slidix range is the Titus hydraulic damper. This revolutionary soft close sliding door damper mechanism offers a fully programmable/controllable damping curve, allowing users precise control over the damping action. This makes it easy to fine-tune performance to suit a specific application. But that’s not all. Here’s a little more about the Slidix family and its many benefits.

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms 

Manufacturers are constantly striving to achieve the perfect blend of functionality, user experience and aesthetics. One form of technology that marries these concepts is soft-close, which we’ve discussed previously in our articles ‘Damping solutions for quiet homes’ and ‘Quality components for calm bathrooms’.

Soft-close technology has set a new standard for the way that we interact with furniture, doors and white goods in our homes, going beyond practicality to also add a luxurious finish. With Slidix, we’ve introduced a new way to achieve sophistication in the home, all underpinned by consistent performance, reliable damping and remarkable flexibility. The range’s soft close sliding door damper mechanism effectively eliminates noisy and abrupt door and drawer slams, instead offering a smooth and controlled motion.

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

The benefits of Slidix soft close

Wide range of applications
Slidix can be used on a wide range of applications, not just furniture. This includes:

  • Furniture applications – including wardrobes and wall partitions with 3-doors, walk-in closets, wardrobes, drawers, two-way runners in drawer cabinets and pull-out systems
  • Interior sliding doors – including pocket doors, barn doors and wall partitions
  • Bathrooms – including shower screens
  • Home appliances and white goods – including refrigerators, wine coolers and under-counter refrigerator coolers

Consistent performance
Slidix ensures reliable damping at any closing speed, eliminating rebounce on doors of various weights and materials. Slidix offers reliable closing of doors from 15 to 120kg at any closing speed, and the door will close even at minimum speed.

Comfortable opening
Slidix offers effortless and smooth opening every time, with a low pull-open force and minimal effort required from the user.

Fully programmable damping curve
Thanks to the Titus damper inside, users can customise the damping curve to suit specific needs.

Range of customisation options
Slidix is easy to fine-tune to a specific application with several options of damper forces, spring forces and damper characteristics.

The activator can be located in different positions within the application, enhancing versatility for the user.

Wide temperature range
Slidix maintains consistent performance in both hot and cold environments, operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C.  

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

The Slidix range 

At Titus, we have developed a range of options for Slidix, ensuring customers can choose the system best suited to their particular application.

The range includes:

  • Slidix Centro: For middle sliding door damping and centring
  • Slidix II: For drawers and sliding doors
  • Slidix TA: For heavy sliding doors
  • Slidix TB/TC: For wardrobes with sliding doors (100mm/50mm stroke length)
  • Slidix TE: For sliding and shower doors
  • Slidix TF: For interior sliding door systems

Incorporating Slidix into your sliding door systems is the perfect way to introduce luxurious soft-close technology, while also benefitting from a component that’s designed to be functional, long-lasting and convenient.

With a range designed to go beyond just furniture and offer the perfect fit for a range of different applications, we’re confident the Slidix range can cater to the diverse needs of the market.

If you’d like to elevate your sliding doors with the help of Slidix soft-close damping solutions, reach out to our expert team for more information or to request a sample.