Space-saving kitchen home office ideas

In a world where, for many, working from home has become the new normal, many people are looking for space-saving ways to bring work home. While there are a few who are lucky enough to have dedicated office space in their houses, for most people, working from home means adapting the space they currently have. Enter the kitchen home office.

laptop in kitchen

How do you make an office kitchen?

Kitchens lend themselves perfectly to home office space. In general, they’re one of the brightest parts of a home, have plenty of electrical outlets and offer a decent amount of storage so work equipment can be hidden when it’s not in use.

Keep reading for our kitchen office space ideas and tips.

Kitchen office space ideas

A hidden workstation

Ideal for those who don’t like clutter, a hideaway desk area is a minimalist and stylish option for the modern-day home worker. People don’t want to think about work during evenings and weekends, so hiding a workstation behind cabinets that can be closed away at the end of the day is a clever solution.

Full-sized cabinet doors keep a workstation hidden when it’s not in use, then open out to reveal a desk area when it’s needed. Adding a corkboard to the inside of the door is useful for pinning up notes and reminders.

Seamless kitchen

Continuing the theme of minimalism, a seamless kitchen is a timeless trend that lends itself perfectly to a hidden kitchen home office. Concealed office kitchen cupboard designs make a kitchen appear completely sleek and streamlined from the outside, which is perfect for creating a calm, unbusy space where concentration is a priority.

Using concealed cabinet hinges creates a sleek hideaway desk area that’s completely hidden come 6pm. If a kitchen is on the smaller side, sliding doors on storage units are perfect for compact areas, as no extra space is required in front to allow for the door swing.

Maximise unused corners

Many people have spare space in their kitchens that they may have previously thought was unusable. A desk doesn’t take up an enormous amount of room. For a lot of people, it’s possible to tuck a desk into an unused kitchen corner to create a mini office space that saves on space.

Extending an existing kitchen countertop gives a sleek, matching finish. Alternatively, a simple wooden desk goes well with most kitchen styles and colours. And, using our Quickfit TL5 lockable dowel for assembly means it will stand the test of time too.

Clever storage solutions 

Storage in kitchens is a top priority for most homeowners. Many modern kitchen manufacturers have responded to this demand by coming up with clever storage solutions, such as stacked shelving or pull-out cabinets. Here are a handful of smart kitchen storage solutions that can help make more room for workplace equipment storage:  

  • Slimline drawers are a space-efficient way to store work papers, notebooks, or even laptops.
  • Use the full height of the available wall space with high cabinets and shelves.
  • Sliding doors don’t take up any valuable floor space when open, giving the impression of more room.
  • Make the most of the space inside kitchen cabinets with the addition of pull-out drawers or shelves.

Soft-close mechanisms are the perfect finishing touch for storage drawers or cupboards. Silent close hinge systems, dampers for sliding doors and soft-close drawer runners offer consistently smooth performance and add a high-quality finish to contemporary kitchen storage. 

With careful consideration, kitchens can offer a practical and attractive space for working from home. We hope you enjoyed reading these kitchen office space ideas. If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.