Soft-close mechanisms for doors and drawers

Silent close hinge systems, dampers for sliding doors and soft-close drawer runners

Introducing a range of soft-close mechanisms from Titus

Titusoft soft-close drawer runners

Titusoft soft-closer drawer runners are easy to install on the front side of wooden or metal drawers. With no pre-drilling, these quality soft-close drawer runners can be installed during furniture construction or retrofitted later on.

Inside each of our soft-close drawer runners is the Titus hydraulic damper which is built for consistent damping performance in a wide range of applications.

Titusoft MD: A universal damping system for single wall metal drawers

Titusoft WD: Soft-close drawer runners for wooden drawers

Titusoft FF:
Specifically for face frame cabinets with wooden drawers

Glissando Hinge Dampeners

The Glissando range of hinge dampers offers a soft-close mechanism for doors of all heights and weights. Including retrofit options for existing hinges.

Glissando TT: An add on soft closing solution for the T-type hinge, this mechanism fits a wide range of applications

Glissando TL3: For consistent soft-close performance on all B-Type and S-Type 110 hinges

Glissando TL 170: A soft closing solution for concealed hinges with a 170 degree opening angle

Glissando CR: A long-lasting, soft closing system for stand-alone doors

T Type Confident Close


Slidix is a comprehensive range of damping solutions for sliding doors and drawers, including wardrobes, shower screens, refrigerators and interior sliding, barn and pocket doors.

Slidix offers reliable damping at any closing speed, and a fully programmable damping curve thanks to the Titus damper inside.

Slidix Centro: For middle sliding door damping and centring

Slidix II: For drawers and sliding doors

Slidix TA: For heavy sliding doors

Slidix TB/TC: For wardrobes with sliding doors 

Slidix TE: For sliding and shower doors

Slidix TF: For interior sliding door systems

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