T-type soft-close hinge

Simply the best-engineered soft-close concealed furniture hinge on the UK market:

Confident soft-close

Superb performance & reliability, even under severe testing

Tool-free 3Way snap-on mounting for versatile installation

11.7mm drilling depth

Why are so many kitchen retailers and manufacturers moving over to the T-type?

The T-type is everything we know about connector manufacturing and engineering brought together in one exceptional piece of cabinet hardware.

Some of the biggest kitchen retailers in the UK are amongst the manufacturers who have brought the T-type into their products, giving them the most reliable soft-close concealed hinge on the market, carrying a 25% heavier door from a shallow 11.7mm drilling depth.

Highly tolerant to misalignment, the fastest and easiest concealed hinge to fit

The unique tool-free 3Way snap-on mount makes the T-type the easiest concealed hinge to mount, especially on tall heavy doors where the confident soft-close will still perform superbly if accidentally misaligned.

A fully-adjustable Titus damper inside allows you to make sure all doors in a unit operate with the same ConfidentClose.

ConfidentClose - first time, or the one-hundred-thousandth time

The T-type’s ConfidentClose is characterised by fast closing with a late start of deceleration and quiet landing in the last 4 degrees of closing.

With superb performance and reliability, even under severe loading and testing, the T-type will perform the first time, the one thousandth time and the ten thousandth time for a lifetime of soft-closing – which is why some of the biggest retailers and manufacturers in the furniture market stake their reputation on it.

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