Partners in industry change

Shaping the future of your industry through open-minded partnerships

Open-minded partners

Titus is proud to work in partnership with its customers to deliver ideas that can change markets.

Keeping the user front and centre when we research, innovate and improve product designs and processes, allows us to bond with customers on a technical level, getting under the skin of their business to really understand the needs of their applications and markets.

We go beyond a typical supplier relationship and form open-minded partnerships. Only by working in this way can we fulfil our ethos of continual learning. Constantly expanding horizons and applying our knowledge to the evolution of our products and processes.

Customer-centric innovation

Designing products through a customer-centric design process allows us to create components that are easy to install, with minimal parts and as few installation actions as possible.

Titus works hard to see its innovations through the eyes of its customers, making improvements and developing product evolutions which match ongoing assembly trends and changes in market.

TitusPlus explaining products at this years KBB

Communication-led design

Titus believes in the power of communication – sharing our capabilities and listening carefully to the needs of our customers, and their customers too.

Open communication has the power to improve product design, manufacturing and supply chain processes – this is something we at Titus feel is integral to our ongoing success.

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Problem solving

We are a team of problem solvers, creating solutions to real issues within the markets we serve.

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Integrated offering

Titus is proud to deliver a fully integrated offering, from product conception to manufacturing in our extensive in-house facility. Learn more about our technologies and processes.

Our products

Performance-engineered hinges, connectors, damping components and drawer systems from Titus UK


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