The Cabinet Hardware Picks for Stability

When manufacturing kitchen furniture, the stability of the unit is key to the product’s success. The retailer must be pleased with the quality and ease of install, and the consumer needs a practical and attractive kitchen that goes the distance.

Unstable or weak design causes:

• Returned and recalled products
• Disputes with retailers/ fitters
• Complaints and bad reviews
• Reputation damage
• Sales losses

Tekform Slimline Drawers From Titus

Cabinet Hardware for Kitchen Manufacturers

Kitchen cabinets are only as good as their component parts. Details such as the materials and hardware used matter greatly to the overall design of the units. When the kitchen is expected to last at least 10 years, the cabinets are going to see a lot of use.

Cabinet hardware should be built and tested to last a lifetime. See our product picks for cabinet hardware for kitchens and find out what makes them durable:

1. T-type concealed hinge

Capable of carrying a 25% heavier door from a shallow 11.7mm drilling depth, the T-type concealed hinge is the most reliable soft-close hinge on the market.

Tool-free, 3-Way snap-on mounting makes fitting tall, heavy doors easy, even if they are accidentally misaligned. Adjustable dampers ensure doors close with precision and consistency, for the lifetime of the furniture.

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2. Sliding drawers

Double-wall construction makes these drawer boxes rigid and durable even in their open position. The EasyFix expanding front panel connector is easily inserted and creates a reliable locking system, for repeatable assembly and disassembly of the front panel.

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3. Soft-close damping

Silent close hinge systems are useful and prevent damage to cabinets by eliminating slamming. Dampers for sliding doors and soft-close drawer runners are built for consistent damping performance on other kitchen units.
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4. Quickfit dowel

Creating reliable joints in common wood-based materials, the dowel underpins the strength of a cabinet. The Quickfit TL5 uses a unique expanding sleeve to create high resistance to torsion and dowel pull-out, for rigid furniture construction that doesn’t loosen with age.
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5. TeraBlack

The non-reflective black matt finish on the TeraBlack range has anti-corrosion protection for longevity and strength. The finish absorbs light and reduces reflection for a sleek aesthetic and smooth operation.
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We hope we’ve given you a good overview of what to look for in the best kitchen cabinet hardware for stable and lasting units. If you’re a furniture manufacturer looking for the right components, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com