The concealed cabinet hinge picks for 2022

When it comes to the hardware you choose for an item of furniture, it can make or break the design. Go too cheap, and you reduce the lifespan of the furniture. Choose a bulky hinge, and it may ruin the outer appearance of your cabinet.

Concealed cabinet hinges come in lots of styles, suited to different types of cupboards. Find out about the different types of concealed cabinet hinge in this explainer guide. Some common features make the best concealed cabinet hinges:

  1. Soft-close – ensuring cabinet doors close smoothly and consistently.
  2. Easy mounting – fast and easy to mount, especially on tall, heavy doors.
  3. Lifetime performance – functionality tested to withstand many years of use.
  4. Streamlined exterior – that doesn’t detract from the furniture’s outer appearance.
  5. One reliable design – built on years of refinement and testing.

The must-have concealed cabinet hinge picks

Now we’ve established what makes the ideal concealed cabinet hinge, we can introduce our two picks for the upcoming year.

Pick #1: The T-type hinge

The design of the T-type hinge is based on over 40 years of precision engineering expertise. It has been refined from its predecessors; the S-type and the B-type. The design includes integrated soft-close damping which can be adjusted to the required closing speed.


✓ Tool-free 3Way, snap-on mount

✓ Consistent soft-close as standard

✓ Capable of carrying a 25% heavier door

✓ Highly tolerant to misalignment

✓ Shallow 11.7mm drilling depth

Pick #2: The T-type TeraBlack hinge

The past few years have seen a move towards matt black cabinet hinges. The T-type TeraBlack (Titus Enhanced Resistance Application) is the concealed cabinet hinge with a non-reflective matt black finish that is highly resistant to wear and tear.


The T-type TeraBlack concealed hinge has all the features of the T-type hinge design, with the added benefits of the matt black finish.

✓ Anti-corrosion protection

✓ Absorbs light and reduces reflection

✓ Full range of matching fixtures available

✓ Sleekest aesthetic possible

✓ Longevity and strength

We hope you’ve found this useful and understand more about picking concealed cabinet hinges. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality components in high volumes, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com