Easy install lockable dowels explained

At Titus, we’re a world-renowned name in cabinet hardware solutions. It’s our job to innovate cabinet hardware and engineer solutions that increase performance, are simple to mount, and are discreet when in place.

We identified a gap in the UK market for high-performance, quick-to-fit dowel connectors – so, we engineered a solution. Keep reading to learn more about our tool free lockable dowels.

What are dowels used for?

In their most rudimentary form, dowels are wooden rods that are cylindrical in shape and used to help structurally reinforce furniture. They are inserted into aligned holes in two different pieces of wood to make a joint that’s fixed in position. Even the most simple dowels offer a much stronger and more accurate result than something like glue, but we wanted to create a dowel that was more durable, longer-lasting and more effective.

Titus tool free lockable dowels

The Titus Quickfit TL5 dowel (the ‘Full Metal Jacket’) is a high-performance solution for a durable rigid cabinet. Designed with strength and performance in mind, they are easy install lockable dowels that transform furniture assembly, speeding it up and making the process much easier.

Made using a unique expanding steel sleeve, the Quickfit TL5 dowel creates strong and reliable joints and allows for tool free insertion.

The benefits of our tool free lockable dowels

  • They can be used across a range of common wood-based materials, so only one type of dowel is needed for chipboard, solid wood and MDF materials, without the need for any additional wooden dowels.
  • They’re both strong and reliable, something which will ultimately save time when it comes to furniture assembly.
  • They are highly tolerant to misalignment. That means even if when dealing with inaccurate drilling, the expanding sleeve will grip the material and provide a secure tight joint.
  • To make the process easier for both manufacturers and customers, the Quickfit TL5 dowel connectors can also be pre-inserted into hardware in the factory to save assembly time.
  • They’re consistent and accurate, and always lock in the 2 o’clock position – even if furniture is taken apart and reassembled.
  • They’re built to last and don’t loosen with age, so are a perfect choice for long-lasting furniture assembly.

Making furniture assembly easier drives time and cost efficiencies in the factory, and increases customer loyalty. If you’d like to try out our easy install lockable dowels for yourself and see why they could help transform your operations, why not request a free sample?