Reduce furniture assembly time by 50%

Reducing the time taken to assemble furniture saves hassle at every stage of construction. It increases productivity in factories, saves time for kitchen furniture fitters, and improves customer satisfaction for the end consumer.  

The benefits during furniture manufacture:

  • Save on fittings and assembly tools
  • Save on labour and logistics
  • Reduce after-sales complaints
  • Save time

The benefits to home assembly:

  • Shorter user manuals
  • Quicker, stress-free assembly
  • Fewer errors in assembly
  • Improved end products

Reduce furniture assembly time by 50%

With the right fittings, you reduce the amount of time that goes into every assembly. We use a calculation called CAF to determine how easy a fitting or piece of furniture is to assemble.

Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF)

You add the total number of parts (T) to the number of actions it takes to assemble (A) and times the result by the number of types of parts (N). The equation looks like this: (T + A) N = CAF. The lower the CAF score, the less time it takes for someone to assemble.

Easy to assemble fittings:

Fewer component parts

Fewer different types of parts

Fewer steps to assemble

Our picks for reducing assembly time:

When you think of furniture assembly, you might think about putting together the main structure. But furniture assembly begins with the component parts and fittings. Fittings that are designed for ease and arrive pre-assembled reduce the overall assembly time.

T-type concealed hinge

Tool-free, 3-Way snap-on mounting makes this concealed hinge take seconds to fit. It’s suitable for tall, heavy doors, even if they are accidentally misaligned. Adjustable dampers ensure the doors close with precision and consistency, for the lifetime of the furniture. The hinge can arrive ready to mount – preassembled in 1 or 2 parts rather than 6.

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TL5 Quickfit dowel

Creating reliable joints in common wood-based materials, the dowel takes seconds to mount and is tolerant to misalignment. The Quickfit TL5 uses a unique expanding sleeve to create high resistance to torsion and dowel pull-out, making it more stable more quickly.

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Quickloc one-piece connector

Our one-piece connectors are one of the most user-friendly fittings on the market. The connector features a push-in design, requiring no tools. It is hand-inserted and tightens in less than one turn with expanding technology. Quickloc™ can be assembled in three easy steps by customers at home, as well as saving time in the factory.

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We hope we’ve given you an insight into how to reduce furniture assembly time with the right components. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer who would like to improve the assembly of your products, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com