The benefits of fast and easy furniture assembly

Titus UK T-type hinge

Fast and easy furniture assembly has benefits at every stage. It increases productivity and the speed of assembly in factories. It improves customer satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases. It builds brand loyalty and reputation.

The power of the bad review

If you’ve ever browsed furniture reviews before purchasing, you will have seen a great many frustrated people in the 1-star section talking about assembly.

How tricky something is to assemble has no correlation to the quality of the product. But a negative experience will send many people straight to the comments box. People expect easy furniture assembly as standard, and they are not afraid to say when they don’t get it!


Saving time with fewer components and less hassle

Traditionally, furniture fittings and connectors would come in their component parts. You might spend 20 minutes sorting the parts and matching them to the diagram before you’ve started to insert the fittings and the assembling of the furniture can begin. Furniture hardware that arrives pre-assembled or already pre-inserted, ready to be used saves valuable time for the assembler, be this in the factory or in the home of the end user.


The value of Consumer Assembly Friendliness (CAF)

Consumer Assembly Friendliness, or CAF, is a way to measure how easy it is to assemble a piece of furniture. You add the total number of parts (T) to the number of actions it takes to assemble (A) and times the result by the number of types of parts (N). The equation looks like this: (T + A) N = CAF. The lower your CAF score, the faster and easier it is for someone to assemble it.

Titus QuickFit TL5 cam and dowel

Increase brand loyalty and repeat purchases

Customers favour fast and easy furniture assembly because they start enjoying their new furniture without loads of added hassle. It follows that a satisfying, positive experience leads to return customers, fewer negative reviews, and increased sales.

Save time and money on factory assembly

It’s not just ready to assemble furniture where ease is important. Within factory production, ready to mount connectors and fittings cut out steps and save time. Fast and easy furniture assembly reduces costs and provides better value to furniture manufacturers and the retailers they supply.

Fast and easy furniture assembly provides a better experience

The experience assembling furniture should be as satisfying as the product itself. A slow and cumbersome assembly reflects negatively on the product, manufacturer, and retailer. Whereas, components engineered for ease of use and simplicity add to the quality of a product.

Take our T-type hinge for example. The hinge provides lifetime soft-close and is tolerant and adjustable. It’s everything we know about component engineering in one satisfying design. The hinge can arrive in a form that reflects this: preassembled; ready to mount; in 1 or 2 parts rather than 6. It provides long-term reliability that takes just seconds to appreciate.


Titus UK T type soft close hinge image

We hope we’ve given you an insight into the benefits of fast and easy furniture assembly at each level. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer who would like to improve your CAF scores, we can advise. Get in touch on 01977 682582 or email