The best fixings for kitchen wall cabinets

When it comes to fixing kitchen wall cabinets securely, it’s important to ensure you’re using components that stand the test of time. There are a variety of options available when it comes to assembling and fixing a cabinet. Here are some of the ways you can ensure a safe and effective assembly and installation of kitchen wall cabinets. 

The best fixings for kitchen wall cabinet assembly

When assembling kitchen cabinets, safety and effectiveness should always be prioritised. Kitchen cabinets are designed to store potentially heavy items like dishes, pans, and small appliances, and are generally subject to frequent use. Long-lasting and secure components are important, as an improperly assembled cabinet can lead to misalignment or even collapse. This is particularly true in the case of a wall cabinet, which could present a safety risk to the homeowner if it were to collapse and fall from a height.

Effective cabinet assembly saves money and time in the long run; using poor-quality components means that future repairs or replacements may be required. The right components ensure cabinets are built to last and require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

At Titus, we manufacture components that ensure kitchen cabinets are stable and safe to use. Here are two of our best-selling components that make kitchen wall cabinet assembly straightforward and effective.

Quickfit TL5 Dowel

Our Quickfit TL5 Dowel is designed with strength and performance in mind and is another great option for fixing a kitchen wall cabinet. It delivers consistently reliable connections in all common wood-based materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood, all without the need for additional wooden dowels.

We have precision-engineered the Quickfit TL5 Dowel to make sure it is highly tolerant to misalignment. When using it to assemble kitchen cabinets, simply insert, without tools, into a 5mm dowel hole and the expanding sleeve will grip the material, providing a reliable and tight joint even with drilling inaccuracies.

The Quickfit TL5 Dowel at a glance:

  • Expanding steel sleeve for reliable joints in all wood-based materials
  • High drilling tolerances
  • No need for additional wooden dowels
  • Tight joints even with drilling inaccuracies
  • Always locks in the 2 o’clock position
  • Firm tightening action
  • Greater dowel pull-up

Quickfit TL5 Dowel: find out more

T-type soft-close hinge

Titus T Type Hinge Product Image

When it comes to effective cabinet hinges for kitchen wall fittings, the T-type soft-close hinge is engineered for performance and tested for reliability. It delivers superb performance even under severe testing, and is both easy to install and versatile, with tool-free 3Way snap-on mounting.

The T-type is the most reliable soft-close concealed hinge on the market. We have rigorously tested it for performance, ensuring it means all doors on a unit close with precision for the lifetime of the furniture.

The T-type soft-close hinge at a glance:

  • Tool-free mounting
  • Soft-close as standard
  • Concealed finish
  • Capable of carrying a 25% heavier door
  • Shallow 11.7mm drilling depth
  • 3Way snap-on mount
  • Ideal for tall, heavy doors
  • High misalignment tolerances
  • Rapid deceleration and a quiet landing in the final four degrees

The Quickfit TL5 Dowel and the T-type soft-close hinge are two of the best fixings for kitchen wall units, boasting excellent safety, functionality, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Taking the time to properly assemble kitchen cabinets using Titus+ components ensure a long-lasting and safe installation.

T-type soft-close hinge: find out more

At Titus UK, it’s our mission to lead the selective development and supply of precision-engineered furniture connectors, in high volumes. We’re proud to supply our quality hardware to some of the biggest kitchen, bathroom and furniture manufacturers in the world.

If you’re looking for quality components to complement your kitchen wall cabinets, please get in touch with the team to request a sample or more information.