The soft-close drawers for fast assembly

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Customers expect soft-close drawers as standard in modern furniture. Soft-close functionality improves the performance of the drawers and adds to their durability. Without the possibility of slamming shut, there is less risk of damage to the drawers.


What makes an effective soft-close drawer design?

At Titus, we’ve been engineering precision components and cabinetry hardware for over 40 years. Everything we know about component engineering goes into every unit we sell. Find out what features make our Tekform soft-close drawers a valuable addition to any design.


Suitable for factory or home assembly, the soft-close drawers offer fast, intuitive assembly and simple mounting. The EasyFix expanding front panel connector is quickly and easily inserted by hand and the internal locking system fixes it in place.

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The damping solution for central sliding doors

The Tekform Slimline soft-close drawer has 14mm sides for a sleek and lightweight finish. With soft-close as standard, the drawer runners sit neatly along each side of the drawer’s bottom, rather than on the side panels.

Flexible options

The panel cutting dimensions and drilling specifications are consistent across our Tekform drawer range. However, there are a range of customisable options including four drawer heights, two drawer colours, glass sides and a range of installation accessories.

Durable Design

The strength and durability of the drawer and the EasyFix front panel means the drawers can be assembled and disassembled many times. The easy to mount front panel can be repeatedly fitted and removed as needed, giving the drawers lifetime performance.

Sleek Design

We originally designed the Tekform drawer with a double wall for added strength and durability. Building on this, we created the Tekform Slimline – the next generation soft-close drawer. The thinner drawer is just as stable but has a sleeker, more high-end aesthetic.

We hope you’ve found this useful and understand more about the soft-close drawers available. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality furniture components in high volumes, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com