Damping solutions for quiet homes

modern wooden kitchen with plants

Quiet home and kitchen designs are the future. Everyone strives towards their home being a place they can truly wind down and relax. Whether it’s a shared home or a house with young children, there are a host of reasons that homeowners are increasingly looking towards reducing noise and promoting a calmer atmosphere in their houses.

Quiet homes can be achieved through the right furniture and design decisions. This includes damping solutions. We have a range of soft-close and damping solutions that are ideal for creating a quiet home atmosphere, which we’re going to look into in this blog.

What is damping?

A damping hinge by Titus

A damping hinge uses a built-in hydraulic mechanism to reduce speed and sound during the opening and closing of doors and drawers, resulting in what’s widely known as a ‘soft close’ effect in cabinetry.

Damping solutions for furniture assembly are perfect for creating a soft and slow motion in moving parts. Damping offers effective motion control, softening the impact of a component as it is used. This reduces speed and noise, stops abrupt movements, and prevents the jarring slamming sound that’s often experienced when closing doors and drawers that don’t use damping hinges.

Quiet kitchen designs for the future

hand closing a drawer  

Most people have been in a situation where a door or drawer is unintentionally slammed shut, making a loud and often startling noise. Dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens make loud noises like this a thing of the past, promoting a calmer home environment.

Noise reduction isn’t the only benefit of soft-close components. Furniture damping also…

  • Protects contents
    Damping hinges reduce the speed of closing a cabinet or drawer. This means the contents stay in place and aren’t thrown about during closes. For this reason, damping is perfect for cabinets or drawers that hold valuables or fragile, easily breakable items, like china and glasses.


  • Prevents injury
    Slamming fingers in doors or drawers is a common injury in the home, particularly in those with young children. A soft-close finish to cabinetry prevents slamming, protecting fingers from being trapped.

Dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens and homes

damper by Titus

So, what products are available? At Titus, we offer a range of soft-close mechanisms for doors and drawers, including hinge systems and soft-close drawer runners. Here’s a closer look.

Glissando Hinge Dampeners

Offering a soft-close mechanism for doors of all heights and weights, our Glissando Hinge Dampers work with a variety of hinges. The range includes:

  • Glissando TT: An add-on soft-close solution that works with the T-type hinge.
  • Glissando TL3: For consistent soft-close on B-type and S-type 110 hinges.
  • Glissando TL170: A soft-close solution with a 170-degree opening angle for concealed hinges.
  • Glissando CR: A long-lasting soft-close solution for stand-alone doors.

Learn more about the range.

Titusoft soft-close drawer runners

Easy to install on wooden or metal drawers, our soft-close drawer runners are high quality and require no pre-drilling. They can be installed during furniture construction or retrofitted at a later date.

Our soft-close drawer runners feature the Titus hydraulic damper for consistent performance. The range includes:

  • Titusoft MD: A universal system for single wall metal drawers.
  • Titusoft WD: A system created for wooden drawers.
  • Titusoft FF: For face frame cabinets with wooden drawers.

Learn more about the range.

Titusoft SD sliding door dampers

Our sliding door dampers guarantee no re-bounce for a consistent, soft-close effect on doors of all sizes and weights. Compact and easy to install, they utilise the Titus modular hydraulic damper for reliable and consistent performance. The range includes:

  • Titusoft SD100s: For bottom-running sliding doors.
  • Titusoft SD100: For top-running sliding doors.

Learn more about the range.

hand closing a cupboard door

We hope you enjoyed learning more about quiet kitchen and home designs for the future. We can supply quality furniture hardware in high volumes. If you want dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens, get in touch with the team to request a sample or more information.


Trending drawer appliances for modern kitchens

More and more in modern kitchens, we’re seeing innovative ideas and solutions for saving and creating unique spaces. When working with a finite amount of space in a kitchen, it makes sense to try to optimise that space as much as possible.

Kitchen drawer cabinet appliances mean you can make the most of the space you have, hugely reducing the wasted space you’d have with just a cabinet. Here’s a little more about drawer cabinets and their many uses, and a look at what is popular right now for kitchen drawers.

Kitchen drawer cabinet ideas

Stacked drawers

stacked drawers

With stacked drawers, a single large drawer opens to reveal a hidden, smaller slimline drawer stacked within. This is a great way to optimise space that you’d otherwise lose out on. The smaller drawer can be used for cutlery, plates or spaces, and the larger drawer beneath is a great place to store appliances, large pots and pans or cooking equipment.  

Hybrid drawer cabinets

Cabinet with pull out drawer shelf

One option is to use regular cabinet fronts with full-length doors that open to reveal pull-out drawers or shelves. Externally, the drawers will look like cabinets – perfect for achieving a sleek, cohesive look in your kitchen – but you can enjoy the additional space and convenience of drawers. This can be a useful way to store smaller appliances like toasters, blenders and slow cookers when you don’t have a lot of countertop space. 

Integrated appliances with drawer cabinets

integrated kitchen cabinet appliance

Large appliances break up the flow of a kitchen and are often not the most aesthetically pleasing. If you want to hide the appliances within your kitchen, like a dishwasher or washing machine, an appliance drawer cabinet is perfect. Cleverly disguising your appliances, an appliance drawer is made in the same colour and style as your existing cabinetry and drawers, offering a consistent finish.

Handleless drawers 

handleless drawer

Seamless kitchens have been a big trend for a while now, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Concealed cupboard and drawer designs without visible handles create a completely streamlined finish, perfect for achieving a sleek, unbusy atmosphere in a kitchen.

Pan storage drawer 

pan storage drawer

Pan and pot cabinets might just be a thing of the past. More and more people are now instead opting for a deep drawer to store their pans and appliances. It means you can store pans at waist height and spend less time rummaging about through high or low cabinets, making preparing food more convenient.   

Slimline drawers

Tekform Slimline Drawers From Titus

A space-efficient way to store cutlery, plates or even papers and work equipment, slimline drawers help you make the most of your kitchen space. A slimline drawer means you can use the full height of the available space and ultimately store more in your kitchen. Our Tekform Slimline drawer boxes are sleek, space efficient and durable.  

Under-cabinet drawer 

under cabinet drawer

Often called ‘toe kick drawers’ as many available options can be opened with a tap of your foot, the under-cabinet drawer is the perfect way to make the most of the often-unused bit of space between your lower cabinets and the floor. At around 4 inches high, these drawers are great for additional storage for things like baking trays, additional plates and tea towels.  

Thin spice rack drawer 

pull out spice rack drawer

If you have a thin space between cabinets, make the most of it with a skinny vertical drawer that pulls out to reveal shelving for spices. Ideal for smaller kitchens that don’t have the worktop or cupboard space for a traditional spice rack, this is a great way to optimise space. And, the drawer system makes it easy to get to all your spices – even those stored right at the back.  

Soft close for a quality finish 

Titus soft close

No matter how you choose to make use of the drawers and cabinets within a kitchen, quality closing mechanisms and hinges offer the perfect finishing touch. Soft close drawer runners make drawer appliances smooth and efficient, with a quiet ‘SoftTouch’ landing and a sleek concealed finish.    

We hope you enjoyed reading these kitchen drawer and cabinet ideas.

If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help. 


How our integrated offering puts the customer first

Titus has been engineering precision components and cabinetry hardware for over 40 years. Everything we know about component engineering goes into every unit we sell.

Our totally integrated approach underpins everything that we stand for. From end to end, our integrated engineering puts the customer front and centre, always keeping them in mind to ensure we deliver an effective, problem-solving end result.

To do this, we combine our customer-led research and development with lean processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing operations. Each stage of the innovation and production process is strategically managed. From formalising new product concepts and developing prototypes to manufacturing and bringing to market components that solve real industry problems, every step is fully integrated.

Our integrated offering is made up of three main areas of expertise – product design, technologies and manufacturing operations. Each area supports and creates added value for the other two, and together they result in quality precision components. Here’s a little more about the key areas.

Product design.

We design and engineer unique components that are consistent and repeatable in both quality and performance.

Manufacturing technologies

We combine state-of-the-art technologies with tried and tested manufacturing processes to improve productivity and product quality.

Manufacturing operations

With an extensive in-house manufacturing operation, we are best placed for high-volume production of a range of precision components.


In addition to this, we create fittings for purpose. We deliver a lower ‘total installed cost’ by creating products that offer a range of competitive and unique advantages. We always strive to create components that have less parts and less preparation actions for faster assembly either in the factory or in the home. And, we have a fast time to market. Our lean and cost-effective processes allow us to service customers who require large quantities of products delivered to the factory quickly.

Ultimately, at each stage of the process, we ensure that consumer-centric design is our priority. All the main technologies and services required for high-volume production of hardware are available in-house.

The components we create are easy to install and provide lasting strength, all with the end goal of improving furniture quality for our customers. All stages of the process perfectly complement each other and are reinforced by a strong understanding of consumer needs – ultimately resulting in a completely integrated service for our customers.


If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.


Space-saving kitchen home office ideas

In a world where, for many, working from home has become the new normal, many people are looking for space-saving ways to bring work home. While there are a few who are lucky enough to have dedicated office space in their houses, for most people, working from home means adapting the space they currently have. Enter the kitchen home office.

laptop in kitchen

How do you make an office kitchen?

Kitchens lend themselves perfectly to home office space. In general, they’re one of the brightest parts of a home, have plenty of electrical outlets and offer a decent amount of storage so work equipment can be hidden when it’s not in use.

Keep reading for our kitchen office space ideas and tips.

Kitchen office space ideas

A hidden workstation

Ideal for those who don’t like clutter, a hideaway desk area is a minimalist and stylish option for the modern-day home worker. People don’t want to think about work during evenings and weekends, so hiding a workstation behind cabinets that can be closed away at the end of the day is a clever solution.

Full-sized cabinet doors keep a workstation hidden when it’s not in use, then open out to reveal a desk area when it’s needed. Adding a corkboard to the inside of the door is useful for pinning up notes and reminders.

Seamless kitchen

Continuing the theme of minimalism, a seamless kitchen is a timeless trend that lends itself perfectly to a hidden kitchen home office. Concealed office kitchen cupboard designs make a kitchen appear completely sleek and streamlined from the outside, which is perfect for creating a calm, unbusy space where concentration is a priority.

Using concealed cabinet hinges creates a sleek hideaway desk area that’s completely hidden come 6pm. If a kitchen is on the smaller side, sliding doors on storage units are perfect for compact areas, as no extra space is required in front to allow for the door swing.

Maximise unused corners

Many people have spare space in their kitchens that they may have previously thought was unusable. A desk doesn’t take up an enormous amount of room. For a lot of people, it’s possible to tuck a desk into an unused kitchen corner to create a mini office space that saves on space.

Extending an existing kitchen countertop gives a sleek, matching finish. Alternatively, a simple wooden desk goes well with most kitchen styles and colours. And, using our Quickfit TL5 lockable dowel for assembly means it will stand the test of time too.

Clever storage solutions 

Storage in kitchens is a top priority for most homeowners. Many modern kitchen manufacturers have responded to this demand by coming up with clever storage solutions, such as stacked shelving or pull-out cabinets. Here are a handful of smart kitchen storage solutions that can help make more room for workplace equipment storage:  

  • Slimline drawers are a space-efficient way to store work papers, notebooks, or even laptops.
  • Use the full height of the available wall space with high cabinets and shelves.
  • Sliding doors don’t take up any valuable floor space when open, giving the impression of more room.
  • Make the most of the space inside kitchen cabinets with the addition of pull-out drawers or shelves.

Soft-close mechanisms are the perfect finishing touch for storage drawers or cupboards. Silent close hinge systems, dampers for sliding doors and soft-close drawer runners offer consistently smooth performance and add a high-quality finish to contemporary kitchen storage. 

With careful consideration, kitchens can offer a practical and attractive space for working from home. We hope you enjoyed reading these kitchen office space ideas. If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.


How sliding wardrobe doors work

Sliding wardrobe doors are easy to use and make the most of storage space in compact rooms. Used for standalone and fitted wardrobes, sliding doors enable you to place other furnishings closer to the wardrobes without needing to allow swing space for the doors. 

The technology behind sliding wardrobe doors is what sets them apart. Built with hydraulic damping, sliding door dampers ensure the doors close smoothly and silently for the lifetime of the product. Sliding doors open and close consistently, with the damping preventing slamming. 

How sliding wardrobe doors work

The core element of soft closing door systems is the multi-purpose hydraulic damper. Hydraulic damper technology provides soft and silent closing for doors and drawers, with a modular design guaranteeing reliable performance even with heavy doors.
Doors are mounted to runners, with the top track fitted to the ceiling or wardrobe top and the bottom track to the floor or bottom of the wardrobe. Sliding door dampers are compact and installed inside the top or bottom of the cabinet.

What makes a good sliding wardrobe door damping system?

 Intuitive positioning and assembly
✓ Compact design for concealed application
✓ Consistent soft closing on doors of different sizes and weights
✓ Double stage spring to minimise pull-out force
✓ No re-bounce on closing

What types of damping work with sliding wardrobe doors?

Damper for bottom running sliding doors

The Titusoft SD100s works in a wide variety of bottom running sliding doors with U or double U profiles. The design is compact and concealed from view, with easy installation. The TwoStep spring, limits pull-out force, helping the door open easily and smoothly.

Find out more

Damper for top running sliding doors 

Titusoft SD100 is the add-on soft closing mechanism for top running sliding doors. It is simple to mount on the top of the cabinet and provides reliable soft-closing door operation for the lifetime of the product. Expect fast closing action and a quiet landing with SoftTouch.

Find out more

Hidden damping in pocket doors

Compact dampers for pocket doors create smooth, soft-closing doors. The damper’s compact size allows for installation in a limited space available in the top rail system. The robust and compact damper enables efficient motion control for silent closing.

See more

Touch opening for handless sliding doors

The Titus PushPlus for pocket doors provides soft-close and touch opening in a single mechanism. Typically, pocket sliding doors stop slightly before the wall, but the Titus system allows the door to close flush. Push activated opening and closing is safe and silent to use.

See more

Our hydraulic damping technology is at the core of our components. To find our more about it, visit our hydraulic damping solutions page. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.


Ensuring quality with performance testing

At Titus, our mission is to be at the forefront of improving furniture quality. We’re committed to ensuring we’re continuously providing the very best products; products that improve efficiency and quality for our customers while reducing manufacturing and assembly costs.

In order to ensure we’re maintaining our consistently high standards, we perform numerous, thorough tests on our products during development. This helps to ensure they’re performing at the optimum levels before they are released to customers. These tests can be divided into three main test groups:

  1. Safety tests
  2. Functionality tests
  3. Performance tests

Today, we’re delving a little deeper into performance testing. What is performance testing, how does it work, and how does it ultimately benefit our customers? We spoke to our Research & Development Manager to find out…

What is performance testing?

Performance testing is just one part of the thorough testing that each of our products undergoes. The procedure gives us a comprehensive picture of product performance in comparison to the product requirements.

For example, in cases of hinges, during performance testing we would look at:

  • Hinge durability
  • Hinge closing force
  • Hinge sag

All these tests ensure the product is long-lasting and performs at its best possible levels. Our hinges are designed to outlive kitchen cabinets and perform consistently with every use.

How performance testing works

The complete testing procedure is defined in what we refer to as our ‘Product Specification Sheet’. This is a document prepared by our R&D (Research & Development) department which supports the main product documentation – a combination of 2D drawings and 3D models.

An important part of the Product Specification Sheet is the chapter on testing. This defines the clear criteria for safety and performance testing for the specific product, detailing what is and what is not acceptable. The testing criteria are prepared by R&D and approved by the individual product category Product Manager.  

There are three steps to the process:

  1. All testing starts with samples preparation. These could be R&D samples from the proto shop or “regular” samples from the production floor.
  2. The second step is to conduct the tests. As detailed above, each set of tests is dependent on the individual product and its requirements.
  3. Finally, we prepare a report that we then use to analyse the results of the tests.

Meeting standards and guaranteeing quality

Our performance tests are based on a collection of criteria; company know-how (our own good and bad experiences), as well as national and international standards. The purpose of the test is to guarantee quality. We want to make sure we can supply our customers with safe and well-performing products that operate according to our expectations.

We know that a product passing all required performance test criteria is guaranteed to perform well in various real-life conditions, with very minimal risk that the product will be unsafe or non-performing.

We also ensure that our products meet any industry standards that must be adhered to. This includes international standards like EN 15570, as well as national standards including BS 6222, ANSI KCMA, ANSI BHMA, and DIN.

Specialist machinery and our own test lab

We use specialist equipment to undertake performance testing, which is specific to the individual product being tested. For example, for hinge testing we would need:

  1. A hinge life cycling jig for a durability test
  2. A set of weights to load front for a sag test
  3. A ruler for sag measurement
  4. A digital force gauge to measure the hinge clothing force on front

We’re serious about supplying quality furniture hardware, which is why we’re also equipped with our very own test lab. This lab is equipped to test our hardware thoroughly. It is used to test any new developments and also to maintain product consistency in regular production.

Our tests are designed to ensure our products are of the best possible quality before they arrive with our customers. We hope you found this article useful. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.


Easy install lockable dowels explained

At Titus, we’re a world-renowned name in cabinet hardware solutions. It’s our job to innovate cabinet hardware and engineer solutions that increase performance, are simple to mount, and are discreet when in place.

We identified a gap in the UK market for high-performance, quick-to-fit dowel connectors – so, we engineered a solution. Keep reading to learn more about our tool free lockable dowels.

What are dowels used for?

In their most rudimentary form, dowels are wooden rods that are cylindrical in shape and used to help structurally reinforce furniture. They are inserted into aligned holes in two different pieces of wood to make a joint that’s fixed in position. Even the most simple dowels offer a much stronger and more accurate result than something like glue, but we wanted to create a dowel that was more durable, longer-lasting and more effective.

Titus tool free lockable dowels

The Titus Quickfit TL5 dowel (the ‘Full Metal Jacket’) is a high-performance solution for a durable rigid cabinet. Designed with strength and performance in mind, they are easy install lockable dowels that transform furniture assembly, speeding it up and making the process much easier.

Made using a unique expanding steel sleeve, the Quickfit TL5 dowel creates strong and reliable joints and allows for tool free insertion.

The benefits of our tool free lockable dowels

  • They can be used across a range of common wood-based materials, so only one type of dowel is needed for chipboard, solid wood and MDF materials, without the need for any additional wooden dowels.
  • They’re both strong and reliable, something which will ultimately save time when it comes to furniture assembly.
  • They are highly tolerant to misalignment. That means even if when dealing with inaccurate drilling, the expanding sleeve will grip the material and provide a secure tight joint.
  • To make the process easier for both manufacturers and customers, the Quickfit TL5 dowel connectors can also be pre-inserted into hardware in the factory to save assembly time.
  • They’re consistent and accurate, and always lock in the 2 o’clock position – even if furniture is taken apart and reassembled.
  • They’re built to last and don’t loosen with age, so are a perfect choice for long-lasting furniture assembly.

Making furniture assembly easier drives time and cost efficiencies in the factory, and increases customer loyalty. If you’d like to try out our easy install lockable dowels for yourself and see why they could help transform your operations, why not request a free sample?


Your invitation to KBB Birmingham

We can’t wait to attend KBB Birmingham, Europe’s leading kitchen, bedroom and bathroom event – and we hope to see many of you there.  

From 6-9 March 2022, the industry will be finally reunited as KBB Birmingham 2022 takes over the city’s NEC for four days of networking, seminars, innovative product launches and industry insights. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to reconnect with our partners and friends in person, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to showcase some of our exciting new products.    

You’ll find us on Stand #V80. Register for free to join us and discover our range of forward-thinking designs. We’d love to see you there.     

Brand-new innovation

Our continual investment in research and development means we’re always striving towards bringing new, cutting-edge products to the market. Working with our customers, our goal is to simplify furniture assembly. Our solutions improve processes, and we continue to be a reliable partner in the supply of volume components for some of the world’s most renowned furniture manufacturers.

We’ll be exhibiting a range of our usual bestsellers at KBB Birmingham, in addition to two exciting new products:

System 6 connectors

This family of performance-engineered connectors allow for simplified cabinet assembly. The connectors feature an elegant square design that allows a large surface area of the product to rest on the panel when tightened, ensuring optimum positioning. Anti-rotation ribs prevent cam rotation and panel shift, while the angle-drive feature on the cam makes these connectors an ideal choice for applications where space for assembly is limited.

Cold environment soft-close dampers 

The latest product to arrive as a result of our “Engineered for a Purpose philosophy”, these state-of-the-art dampers are specifically created to work effectively and reliably in cold environments. By providing reliable damping at temperatures down to -30°C, they offer a convenient and affordable solution to challenges including the damping of doors in freezers, wine coolers, mobile equipment and automobile applications.  

Join us and see our new products in action at KBB Birmingham, 6-9 March 2022 at the NEC. You can find Titus on stand #V80, where we’d be delighted to talk you through our innovative range of products and how they can benefit you. Register for free today.

Looking ahead to 2022 with Phil Beddoe

Last year was challenging for all of us, with the continuing impact of the pandemic and navigating our way through the Brexit process. However, Titus continued to serve its customers, providing purpose engineered furniture components to UK manufacturers and fitters.

We have a great team here at Titus UK, with Phil Beddoe as the General Manager. Phil and his team’s mission is to lead the selective development and supply of high volume precision-engineered furniture components that increase our customers competitiveness throughout the UK.

Phil has been with Titus for over two decades and knows the world of integrated component engineering inside out. His focus is helping more businesses and individuals to improve furniture quality and ease of assembly with the right components.

Here we caught up with Phil to chat about Titus UK and what 2022 has in store:

Hi Phil, how was last year for Titus?

Titus, like many companies within the industry, has experienced a year of high demand from both existing and new customers. This has been partly fuelled by the unprecedented growth in home improvements from families spending more time at home and taking the opportunity to update their kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

The demand, so far, has remained constant. As a result, Titus has increased investment in new production machinery and people. We have improved our logistics network to ensure customers are supplied with the products they require. Although demand may return to normal levels later this year, our customers will benefit from improvements to manufacturing and logistics processes. We have built stronger, more responsive supply lines to ensure customers receive the volumes they need when they need them.


How has the team managed the ongoing challenges?

At first, it was challenging to balance the increased demand. However, very quickly we implemented new processes that reduced the pressure and cleared a way to manage our customers’ expectations.

The investments we have made will continue to benefit our service in the long term, ensuring Titus continues to be a key supplier for our customers. We have shown we can meet requirements and serve as a reliable production partner.

The pandemic created new challenges and new ways of working. Not only have we adapted to these ways of working, but we have become more resilient, flexible, and responsive. We have met multiple challenges, creating a customer-first culture across all departments.

TitusPlus explaining products at this years KBB

You recently welcomed some new team members to the Titus UK office. What will these recruits bring?

We have recently welcomed Kelly Russell and Andrea Wright to our customer service team, to help maintain and improve customer service levels. They bring a huge amount of skill and experience, and we look forward to working with them.

Kelly Russell comes from a managerial position in a busy office, coordinating the activities of both the clients and staff. Kelly has experience in compliance and registration in multiple market sectors and will be ensuring orders are met and planned correctly.

Andrea Wright, UK Sales Administration Assistant, previously worked at a market research company specialising in large FMCG companies in the UK. Her role includes analysing responses and data coding.

These acquisitions allow us to provide a deeper level of support and partnership with our customers. By understanding and anticipating our customers’ requirements, we can better understand key periods of demand and work to ensure a seamless supply experience.


What does 2022 have in store for Titus?

2022 will start with the KBB exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. We will reconnect in person with our partners and friends in the industry and showcase new products. Our expanded range demonstrates our product depth and commitment to supporting the KBB industry. With continual investment in research and development, we will bring new products to the market. Working with our customers, we aim to improve their processes and continue to be a reliable partner in the supply of volume components.

Titus Plus talking to people at KBB this year

Tell us about some new products on the horizon?

Our new range of connectors – System 6 – allow for optimum positioning. The connectors feature an elegant square design that enables a large surface area of the product to rest on the panel when tightened. Anti-rotation ribs prevent cam rotation and panel shift, while the angle-drive feature makes the connectors an ideal choice for limited assembly space.

We’re also excited to launch our range of dampers for cold environments, reliable at temperatures down to -30 ºC. The products create smooth and silent motion in home refrigerator elements like pull-out shelves, doors, and drawers. The range provides reliable damping for doors in freezers, wine coolers, and automobile applications.


See these new products in action at KBB Birmingham, 6-9 March 2022, at the NEC. You can find Titus on stand V80.

If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality components in high volumes, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com


The concealed cabinet hinge picks for 2022

When it comes to the hardware you choose for an item of furniture, it can make or break the design. Go too cheap, and you reduce the lifespan of the furniture. Choose a bulky hinge, and it may ruin the outer appearance of your cabinet.

Concealed cabinet hinges come in lots of styles, suited to different types of cupboards. Find out about the different types of concealed cabinet hinge in this explainer guide. Some common features make the best concealed cabinet hinges:

  1. Soft-close – ensuring cabinet doors close smoothly and consistently.
  2. Easy mounting – fast and easy to mount, especially on tall, heavy doors.
  3. Lifetime performance – functionality tested to withstand many years of use.
  4. Streamlined exterior – that doesn’t detract from the furniture’s outer appearance.
  5. One reliable design – built on years of refinement and testing.

The must-have concealed cabinet hinge picks

Now we’ve established what makes the ideal concealed cabinet hinge, we can introduce our two picks for the upcoming year.

Pick #1: The T-type hinge

The design of the T-type hinge is based on over 40 years of precision engineering expertise. It has been refined from its predecessors; the S-type and the B-type. The design includes integrated soft-close damping which can be adjusted to the required closing speed.


✓ Tool-free 3Way, snap-on mount

✓ Consistent soft-close as standard

✓ Capable of carrying a 25% heavier door

✓ Highly tolerant to misalignment

✓ Shallow 11.7mm drilling depth

Pick #2: The T-type TeraBlack hinge

The past few years have seen a move towards matt black cabinet hinges. The T-type TeraBlack (Titus Enhanced Resistance Application) is the concealed cabinet hinge with a non-reflective matt black finish that is highly resistant to wear and tear.


The T-type TeraBlack concealed hinge has all the features of the T-type hinge design, with the added benefits of the matt black finish.

✓ Anti-corrosion protection

✓ Absorbs light and reduces reflection

✓ Full range of matching fixtures available

✓ Sleekest aesthetic possible

✓ Longevity and strength

We hope you’ve found this useful and understand more about picking concealed cabinet hinges. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality components in high volumes, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com