Slidix: Beyond furniture

At Titus, we take pride in simplifying the assembly process with our precision-engineered components, and we’re recognised by furniture groups and manufacturers alike for our commitment to innovation and quality.

We recently introduced Slidix, our new range of damping solutions that can be used in a wide range of sliding doors and drawers. The great thing about Slidix is it goes beyond just traditional furniture applications; it’s a comprehensive range that extends its benefits to sliding shower doors, internal pocket doors, and more. Here’s more about Slidix and how it redefines soft-close beyond just furniture.

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

Redefining soft-close technology 

Soft-close technology is synonymous with luxury, and we’re now seeing it used across many applications in our daily lives. Beyond simply furniture drawers and cupboards, Slidix is designed to cater to various industries, taking the concept of soft-close to the next level.

Here’s a brief overview of Slidix: 

  • Consistent performance: Reliable damping at any closing speed.
  • No rebounce: Works on applications of various sizes and materials.
  • Comfortable opening: Low pull-open force and minimal effort required.
  • Fully programmable: Users can customise the damping curve for specific needs.
  • Customisation options: Fine-tune with options of damper forces, spring forces and damper characteristics.
  • Wide temperature range: Consistent performance in hot and cold environments ranging from -30°C to +70°C. 
Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

Soft-close for multiple applications 

Slidix for shower screens

Slidix is engineered to improve the way we interact with doors in our homes, and that extends to shower screens. We all understand the importance of tranquillity in a bathroom environment. Slidix eliminates jarring shower screen closures and instead offers gentle, silent operation, thanks to its Titus damper.

Slidix’s temperature tolerance makes it ideal for bathroom environments, too. Whether it’s used on a cold morning or after a steaming hot shower, Slidix maintains consistent performance in the bathroom’s ever-changing temperature conditions.

Slidix for interior pocket doors

Interior pocket doors are sliding door systems that seamlessly divide spaces by disappearing into a compartment in the adjacent wall when fully open. With the addition of Slidix, this transition becomes smoother and more sophisticated than ever before.

Slidix enhances the ambience of living spaces by offering a smooth and controlled motion to interior pocket doors. Even on heavy doors, Slidix guarantees reliable damping with a low pull-open force, meaning minimal user effort. Abrupt, noisy closures are eliminated and replaced by the elegant effect of Titus soft-close technology, transforming living areas into refined and stylish spaces.

Slidix for home appliances including refrigerators

White goods are indispensable in our daily lives, so why not ensure they’re operating at their best and most convenient with the help of Slidix? Slidix elevates the performance of home appliances and white goods including refrigerators, wine coolers and under-counter refrigerator doors.

Designed to be long-lasting, we are confident that Slidix will last the lifespan of your white goods, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. This durability not only saves you time and effort but also reduces the environmental impact of replacement components.

Slidix’s effectiveness in a wide range of temperatures lends it perfectly to use in refrigerators. Slidix maintains consistent performance and ensures that your refrigerator operates flawlessly in cold temperatures. 

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

The future of soft-close  

Slidix by Titus is not just a game-changer for furniture, it’s a solution that redefines soft-close technology across multiple different applications. Whether you’re creating a tranquil atmosphere in a bathroom or looking for a quality finish on your white goods, Slidix delivers – all with consistent performance, customisable options and remarkable durability.


If you’d like to elevate your sliding doors with the help of Slidix soft-close damping solutions, contact our expert team for more information or to request a sample.  


How precision engineered components increase safety

At Titus, we design all our components for easy assembly and lifetime performance. Our focus is always on simplifying the furniture assembly process and ensuring long-lasting functionality. A great added benefit of precision-engineered furniture components is increased safety; by designing components well and always keeping the end user in mind, we help increase safety during installation and operation.

There are many reasons that using components designed with safety in mind is important, including:

  • Preventing accidents. Components should actively prevent accidents or injuries. This includes soft-close mechanisms, dampers to control movement, and designs that enhance stability.

  • Longevity and durability. Safety isn’t just about preventing accidents, it’s also about ensuring the longevity of a product. Products designed with safety in mind are made from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they stand the test of time.

  • Mitigating risk. Components designed with safety in mind will prevent misalignments and reduce human error, reducing the risk of accidents or failures down the line.

  • Brand reputation. Safety concerns can damage a brand’s reputation. By using components designed for safety, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to customer safety and product quality.

  • Cost savings. Using components engineered for safety saves money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of repairs or replacements needed.

Precision engineering and safety  

We know that safety is uncompromisable when it comes to cabinet and furniture hardware. We serve some of the biggest kitchen, bathroom and furniture manufacturers in the world, so we know we need to provide quality. That’s why we’re constantly working towards producing the very best components in the industry, designed for quality and safety.

Here’s how precision-engineered components from Titus help increase safety.

Streamlined assembly process
Our components are designed for quick and easy assembly. By featuring intuitive designs that are easy to put together, we help reduce the chance of assembly errors and minimise the need for complex tools – creating a smoother and safer assembly process.

Reduced human error
Our components are straightforward to install, making them less prone to misalignment or incorrect installation. This reduces the risk of incorrectly assembled furniture, which could have compromised stability and lead to accidents during use.

Enhanced stability
Our components fit precisely and securely together during assembly, resulting in furniture with much better stability. The result is less chance of wobbling or tipping during use, which could then result in falls or injuries.

Rigorous testing
As our components are all designed for lifetime performance, they are rigorously tested to ensure that they can handle certain weights, loads and stresses. This testing ensures the furniture remains structurally sound and safe even when bearing weight or under stress.

Durable materials
Our components are made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand heavy use. That means that they will maintain structural integrity over time, reducing the risk of any unexpected failures or breakages.

Preventing accidents
Our furniture dampers help improve safety through smooth motion control. Components with soft-close mechanisms improve safety by preventing doors or drawers from slamming shut. This hugely reduces the risk of trapped fingers and other injuries – particularly in homes with young children.

Because our components are made with precision and durability in mind, they’re designed to offer consistent performance and meet strict standards and regulations. This provides peace of mind to end users and manufacturers alike that the resulting furniture adheres to safety requirements.

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

Increasing safety with our integrated offering

Our totally integrated offering combines customer-led research and development with lean processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing operations. By managing each stage of the process strategically and keeping the customer front of mind all the way through, we can ensure that furniture built with our components is not only functional but also reliable, safe and secure.

From product design, where each component is meticulously engineered to adhere to strict safety standards, to our cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, we never compromise on quality or safety.

Find out more: How our integrated offering puts the customer first

For us, safety isn’t just a feature, it’s a commitment. We hope this taught you more about precision engineering and safety, and how Titus components offer unmatched quality and safety. If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.


Introducing Slidix: the cutting-edge soft-close range

We’re all about cutting-edge solutions designed with convenience and functionality in mind. We make assembly simple with performance-engineered components that offer consistent quality and are available in high volumes.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our range, Slidix. Slidix is a comprehensive range of soft close sliding door damper mechanisms for sliding door systems. Going beyond only furniture applications, Slidix is designed to work in a wide range of sliding doors and drawers, from wardrobes and barn doors to sliding shower doors and white goods like refrigerators.

At the core of the Slidix range is the Titus hydraulic damper. This revolutionary soft close sliding door damper mechanism offers a fully programmable/controllable damping curve, allowing users precise control over the damping action. This makes it easy to fine-tune performance to suit a specific application. But that’s not all. Here’s a little more about the Slidix family and its many benefits.

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms 

Manufacturers are constantly striving to achieve the perfect blend of functionality, user experience and aesthetics. One form of technology that marries these concepts is soft-close, which we’ve discussed previously in our articles ‘Damping solutions for quiet homes’ and ‘Quality components for calm bathrooms’.

Soft-close technology has set a new standard for the way that we interact with furniture, doors and white goods in our homes, going beyond practicality to also add a luxurious finish. With Slidix, we’ve introduced a new way to achieve sophistication in the home, all underpinned by consistent performance, reliable damping and remarkable flexibility. The range’s soft close sliding door damper mechanism effectively eliminates noisy and abrupt door and drawer slams, instead offering a smooth and controlled motion.

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

The benefits of Slidix soft close

Wide range of applications
Slidix can be used on a wide range of applications, not just furniture. This includes:

  • Furniture applications – including wardrobes and wall partitions with 3-doors, walk-in closets, wardrobes, drawers, two-way runners in drawer cabinets and pull-out systems
  • Interior sliding doors – including pocket doors, barn doors and wall partitions
  • Bathrooms – including shower screens
  • Home appliances and white goods – including refrigerators, wine coolers and under-counter refrigerator coolers

Consistent performance
Slidix ensures reliable damping at any closing speed, eliminating rebounce on doors of various weights and materials. Slidix offers reliable closing of doors from 15 to 120kg at any closing speed, and the door will close even at minimum speed.

Comfortable opening
Slidix offers effortless and smooth opening every time, with a low pull-open force and minimal effort required from the user.

Fully programmable damping curve
Thanks to the Titus damper inside, users can customise the damping curve to suit specific needs.

Range of customisation options
Slidix is easy to fine-tune to a specific application with several options of damper forces, spring forces and damper characteristics.

The activator can be located in different positions within the application, enhancing versatility for the user.

Wide temperature range
Slidix maintains consistent performance in both hot and cold environments, operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C.  

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

The Slidix range 

At Titus, we have developed a range of options for Slidix, ensuring customers can choose the system best suited to their particular application.

The range includes:

  • Slidix Centro: For middle sliding door damping and centring
  • Slidix II: For drawers and sliding doors
  • Slidix TA: For heavy sliding doors
  • Slidix TB/TC: For wardrobes with sliding doors (100mm/50mm stroke length)
  • Slidix TE: For sliding and shower doors
  • Slidix TF: For interior sliding door systems

Incorporating Slidix into your sliding door systems is the perfect way to introduce luxurious soft-close technology, while also benefitting from a component that’s designed to be functional, long-lasting and convenient.

With a range designed to go beyond just furniture and offer the perfect fit for a range of different applications, we’re confident the Slidix range can cater to the diverse needs of the market.

If you’d like to elevate your sliding doors with the help of Slidix soft-close damping solutions, reach out to our expert team for more information or to request a sample.  


The best fixings for kitchen wall cabinets

When it comes to fixing kitchen wall cabinets securely, it’s important to ensure you’re using components that stand the test of time. There are a variety of options available when it comes to assembling and fixing a cabinet. Here are some of the ways you can ensure a safe and effective assembly and installation of kitchen wall cabinets. 

The best fixings for kitchen wall cabinet assembly

When assembling kitchen cabinets, safety and effectiveness should always be prioritised. Kitchen cabinets are designed to store potentially heavy items like dishes, pans, and small appliances, and are generally subject to frequent use. Long-lasting and secure components are important, as an improperly assembled cabinet can lead to misalignment or even collapse. This is particularly true in the case of a wall cabinet, which could present a safety risk to the homeowner if it were to collapse and fall from a height.

Effective cabinet assembly saves money and time in the long run; using poor-quality components means that future repairs or replacements may be required. The right components ensure cabinets are built to last and require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

At Titus, we manufacture components that ensure kitchen cabinets are stable and safe to use. Here are two of our best-selling components that make kitchen wall cabinet assembly straightforward and effective.

Quickfit TL5 Dowel

Our Quickfit TL5 Dowel is designed with strength and performance in mind and is another great option for fixing a kitchen wall cabinet. It delivers consistently reliable connections in all common wood-based materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood, all without the need for additional wooden dowels.

We have precision-engineered the Quickfit TL5 Dowel to make sure it is highly tolerant to misalignment. When using it to assemble kitchen cabinets, simply insert, without tools, into a 5mm dowel hole and the expanding sleeve will grip the material, providing a reliable and tight joint even with drilling inaccuracies.

The Quickfit TL5 Dowel at a glance:

  • Expanding steel sleeve for reliable joints in all wood-based materials
  • High drilling tolerances
  • No need for additional wooden dowels
  • Tight joints even with drilling inaccuracies
  • Always locks in the 2 o’clock position
  • Firm tightening action
  • Greater dowel pull-up

Quickfit TL5 Dowel: find out more

T-type soft-close hinge

Titus T Type Hinge Product Image

When it comes to effective cabinet hinges for kitchen wall fittings, the T-type soft-close hinge is engineered for performance and tested for reliability. It delivers superb performance even under severe testing, and is both easy to install and versatile, with tool-free 3Way snap-on mounting.

The T-type is the most reliable soft-close concealed hinge on the market. We have rigorously tested it for performance, ensuring it means all doors on a unit close with precision for the lifetime of the furniture.

The T-type soft-close hinge at a glance:

  • Tool-free mounting
  • Soft-close as standard
  • Concealed finish
  • Capable of carrying a 25% heavier door
  • Shallow 11.7mm drilling depth
  • 3Way snap-on mount
  • Ideal for tall, heavy doors
  • High misalignment tolerances
  • Rapid deceleration and a quiet landing in the final four degrees

The Quickfit TL5 Dowel and the T-type soft-close hinge are two of the best fixings for kitchen wall units, boasting excellent safety, functionality, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Taking the time to properly assemble kitchen cabinets using Titus+ components ensure a long-lasting and safe installation.

T-type soft-close hinge: find out more

At Titus UK, it’s our mission to lead the selective development and supply of precision-engineered furniture connectors, in high volumes. We’re proud to supply our quality hardware to some of the biggest kitchen, bathroom and furniture manufacturers in the world.

If you’re looking for quality components to complement your kitchen wall cabinets, please get in touch with the team to request a sample or more information.


Quality components for “calm bathrooms”

White bathroom interior with double sink and drawers

A home should be a sanctuary where we can truly relax and switch off, so it makes sense that homeowners are increasingly looking for effective solutions for noise reduction within their homes.

At Titus UK, we’ve touched on the concept ofquiet homesbefore. The right damping applications can tackle the challenge of noise within a home, promoting a peaceful and calm environment. For many, that’s as important in a bathroom as it is in a kitchen. Today, we’re looking at how manufacturers can produce high-end, calm bathrooms with the help of the right components.

Creating a premium finish with quiet bathroom cabinets 

More and more, bathroom manufacturers and designers are looking to create a luxurious, spa-like experience for the end user. Luxurious bathroom décor is on the rise, with luxury bathroom retailer CP Hart reporting a 62% increase in orders over £30,000 in the past year.

Getting the finishing touches right is an important part of creating a high-end bathroom. Soft-close components that offer a slow and soundless closing motion are the perfect complement to a luxurious bathroom set-up. That’s why we offer a range of soft close bathroom cabinet hinges, high-performance dowels and damping products that are ideal for manufacturers looking for quality finishing touches.

Furniture damping and soft-close solutions are engineered through the use of a hydraulic mechanism. Benefits of this include…

  • Protecting the contents of a cabinet or drawer
  • Preventing injury (trapped fingers)
  • Promoting a calmer home environment
  • Adding a luxurious finish

Modern white tiled bathroom

The bathroom cabinet components for luxury bathrooms

Titus UK components are designed to help bathroom manufacturers save time in the factory and the home by being easy to install, durable and fit for purpose. Our bathroom cabinet hardware delivers consistent performance for the life of a bathroom design. We’re dedicated to delivering hardware for bathroom manufacturers at a competitive price and in high volumes that are suited to the manufacturing process, helped along by the fast and reliable service we’re known for.

Here are the soft close bathroom cabinet hinges and components that are ideal for creating an on-trend “calm bathroom”.

T-type soft-close hinge

The T-type is the most reliable soft-close concealed hinge on the market, perfect for bathroom cabinets, medicine cupboards and storage. It is uniquely tool-free, with a 3Way snap-on mount that makes fitting easy, even on tall and heavy cabinet doors. The addition of ‘ConfidentClose’ with a fully adjustable Titus damper means that doors can be closed quickly, with rapid deceleration and a quiet landing in the final four degrees of closure.

Quickfit TL5 dowel

The TL5 dowel is a high-performance, quick-to-fit dowel connector that creates reliable joints in all wood-based materials without the need for additional wooden dowels. It boasts high drilling tolerances and is perfect for a wide range of bathroom furniture materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood. It’s also highly tolerant to misalignment, with an expanding sleeve that grips the material and provides a reliable and tight joint – even with drilling inaccuracies.

Tekform slimline drawers

The Tekform box drawer is the sleekest, most space efficient and most durable drawer on the market. For bathroom furniture designers and manufacturers looking for the best quality around, the Tekform drawer offers fast and intuitive assembly, as well as simple mounting thanks to the Titus EasyFix locking system. Soft-close comes as standard, making this the perfect drawer to finish off a tranquil, spa-like bathroom.

Titusoft soft-close drawer runners

Our soft-close drawer runners are intuitive and easy to install on the front side of wooden or metal drawers. With no pre-drilling required, these high-quality runners can be installed during furniture construction or even retrofitted later on when the furniture is already in use. The range includes Titusoft MD for single-wall metal drawers, Titusoft WD for wooden drawers, and Titusoft FF for face frame cabinets with wooden drawers.


Soft-close and discreet, our range of quality components are ideal for bathroom manufacturers looking for a high-end finish. Whether used on under-sink vanity units, sleek bathroom drawers or freestanding bathroom storage, we’re confident our range of hinges, dowels and damping solutions outperform the competition.  

We’re proud to supply quality furniture hardware in high volumes to some of the biggest kitchen, bathroom and furniture manufacturers in the world. If you’re a manufacturer looking for quality soft-close components to complement your products, please get in touch with the team to request a sample or more information.


Kitchen design trends for 2023

At Titus+, we’re committed to standing at the forefront of furniture retail and manufacture. Staying ahead of developments and design trends means we can continue providing consumer-centric solutions that are easy to install and stand the test of time.

As we enter a brand-new year, we’re looking ahead at the kitchen design trends we’re expecting to see in 2023. See our top picks and find out why Titus products offer the perfect finishing touch to some of 2023’s popular kitchen interior design trends.

Modern kitchen with all black cabinetry

Black kitchens

Dark and moody kitchens are set to be big this year. Traditionally, bright, light tones are common in kitchens, but opting for a black kitchen is both a modern and stylish way to stay on trend in 2023.

For a bold and sophisticated kitchen, installing all black cabinetry results in a striking finish. Some people choose to go all out with black painted walls, but a black kitchen can also be paired with lighter painted walls to brighten up the space a little more. It’s also effective when paired with an on-trend shade like royal blue or forest green. Plants are another great addition for black kitchens. They help break up the colour scheme and add interesting new textures.

No matter how an all-black kitchen is styled, our TeraBlack range of hardware and damping is the perfect accompaniment. Created in response to the growing demand for dark cabinet hardware, our TeraBlack components are finished in non-reflective matt black, perfect for blending into black cabinetry for a consistent, stylish aesthetic. But they provide more than just a great aesthetic; the innovative hardware is highly resistant to wear and tear, has anti-corrosion protection, and is engineered for lasting strength.

Find out more about our black cabinet door hinges.

Titus soft close

“Quiet kitchens”

Quiet kitchen design has been trending for a while now, but we think it’s set to stay big in 2023. Increasingly, homeowners are looking towards reducing noise and promoting a more tranquil atmosphere in their homes. A great way to promote a quiet and calm home atmosphere is using soft-close and damping solutions that reduce noise in the kitchen.

Damping hinges work using a built-in hydraulic mechanism that reduces speed and sound during the opening and closing of doors and drawers. This results in the popular ‘soft close’ effect. When used in a kitchen, there are many great advantages to soft close mechanisms. They add a high-end finish, stop slamming, and help increase the longevity of a kitchen, thanks to less stress on the hinges.

Our range of damping solutions includes silent close hinge systems, dampers for sliding doors and soft close drawer runners, all of which are perfect for the ‘quiet kitchen’ trend.

Read our article on damping solutions for quiet homes.

seamless design kitchen

Seamless design

Seamless design is another trend that’s not going anywhere soon. A seamless finish is perfect for fans of minimalism, with concealed cupboards and drawers with no visible handles giving a sleek and streamlined look to a kitchen.

Smooth surfaces and sleek lines are a must for creating an uninterrupted ‘seamless’ aesthetic in a kitchen. Handle less or push-to-open cabinets and drawers, hidden appliances and clever storage are all great ways to truly nail the seamless kitchen trend in 2023.

If kitchen hardware is visible it can detract from the streamlined appeal. Our TeraBlack hardware is designed to tackle this, complimenting a range of interior themes and furniture styles. With a matt black finish, it’s more subtle than silver or black and provides a cool minimalist finish. Our sleek Tekform drawers are another perfect option for a streamlined, sophisticated kitchen.

Learn more about seamless finish kitchens.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these 2023 kitchen trends. At Titus, our components give kitchens a competitive edge – no matter the trend. If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, why not get in touch to see how we can help?


Looking back over a year of growth in 2022

2022 has been filled with huge successes at Titus UK, but it’s also not been without its challenges. We’re proud that it has ultimately been a year of great growth for the business, as we continue to use our 40 years’ expertise to engineer precision components and cabinetry hardware for our customers.

We’re passionate about helping more businesses and individuals improve furniture quality and ease of assembly with the right components. As we head into 2023, we’re looking forward to continuing utilising our integrated offering in order to deliver effective, problem-solving end results for the market.

To round off the year, we caught up with Phil Beddoe, our General Manager for UK and Northern Europe, to find out more about the highlights of 2022, as well as what’s on the horizon in 2023.

Hi Phil, how has 2022 been for Titus?

Uncertainty is out there, as the effects of the disruption of the Ukraine war reduce consumer optimism, and high inflation on energy costs all affect consumer spending. Raw materials, energy, sub-components, outsourcing, labour and freight costs all escalated significantly during 2021/22.

However, I’m proud to say that even in the face of these significant challenges, Titus has been able to grow the business in all markets.

What have been the highlights of 2022 for the business?

This year, we have added 40% to the group’s operational manufacturing area and invested in added capacity in all regions and in all products. These investments strengthen our position as market-leading developers and suppliers of high-volume precision-engineered furniture components, putting us in a fantastic position for the coming years.

Also, in 2022 Titus enjoyed continuing success of the T-type soft-close hinge and the TeraBlack, our matte-finish black furniture connectors. This consistent demand reaffirms the fact that our products deliver consistent quality and simple mounting for our customers, and has allowed us to invest back into the business.

Have there been any challenges to overcome this year?

Over the previous two years, we, alongside many others in the industry, saw very high growth rates. This was partly fuelled by the unpreceded growth in home improvements during the pandemic – as families spent more time at home, many took the opportunity to update areas of their homes.

These high growth rates over the past two years have now naturally started to see some signs of decline in demand in Europe, Asia, and the USA, something which the business will to work hard to overcome.

Have there been any notable team changes or new recruits this year that you can tell us about?

Ben Dredge has joined the team in Titus UK as a regional Sales Manager. He brings many years’ experience in the KBB hardware market and I’m confident will make a positive impact in visiting and assisting customers with their requirements.

Are there any new products on the horizon?

We are looking to introduce the Tacto drawer system; a slim, double-wall drawer upgraded with a Tacto touch opening system for handleless fronts. The installation for the Tacto drawer system is the same as our standard slimline drawer system, so remains simple and precise to mount. The added benefit is a smooth, push-open feature that’s ideal for those looking for a seamless finish.

We’re also continuing with developments for FastFit. Our FastFit technology can reduce assembly time by up to 50%, so we’re looking forward to developing the solutions further over the next year.

What do you think makes Titus stand out? Can you tell us a little bit about how your integrated offering helps customers get great quality and value?

Put simply, product development, manufacturing and engineering expertise, and marketing of innovation has always been in the company’s DNA.

We’re well-known for providing furniture manufacturers with solutions that strengthen their competitive advantage on the market. The latest trends in kitchen design prove that the market prefers simplicity and clean, stress-free environments. In turn, Titus solutions are designed to also make the furniture assembly experiences simple and stress-free, while also providing reliable and consistent life-long performance. Our solutions improve the competitiveness and differentiation demand of our customers.

What’s in store for Titus in 2023?

2023 is shaping to be another big year for Titus UK. We’ll be using our investment in research and development to bring some exciting new products to the market, including the previously mentioned Tacto drawers and FastFit solutions.

We’ll continue serving our customers and strengthening our position as a reliable partner in the supply of volume components, ultimately helping more people improve furniture quality and ease of assembly with our precision-engineered products.  

Thank you to our customers for a successful year. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality components in high volumes in 2023, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com


Damping solutions for quiet homes

modern wooden kitchen with plants

Quiet home and kitchen designs are the future. Everyone strives towards their home being a place they can truly wind down and relax. Whether it’s a shared home or a house with young children, there are a host of reasons that homeowners are increasingly looking towards reducing noise and promoting a calmer atmosphere in their houses.

Quiet homes can be achieved through the right furniture and design decisions. This includes damping solutions. We have a range of soft-close and damping solutions that are ideal for creating a quiet home atmosphere, which we’re going to look into in this blog.

What is damping?

A damping hinge by Titus

A damping hinge uses a built-in hydraulic mechanism to reduce speed and sound during the opening and closing of doors and drawers, resulting in what’s widely known as a ‘soft close’ effect in cabinetry.

Damping solutions for furniture assembly are perfect for creating a soft and slow motion in moving parts. Damping offers effective motion control, softening the impact of a component as it is used. This reduces speed and noise, stops abrupt movements, and prevents the jarring slamming sound that’s often experienced when closing doors and drawers that don’t use damping hinges.

Quiet kitchen designs for the future

hand closing a drawer  

Most people have been in a situation where a door or drawer is unintentionally slammed shut, making a loud and often startling noise. Dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens make loud noises like this a thing of the past, promoting a calmer home environment.

Noise reduction isn’t the only benefit of soft-close components. Furniture damping also…

  • Protects contents
    Damping hinges reduce the speed of closing a cabinet or drawer. This means the contents stay in place and aren’t thrown about during closes. For this reason, damping is perfect for cabinets or drawers that hold valuables or fragile, easily breakable items, like china and glasses.


  • Prevents injury
    Slamming fingers in doors or drawers is a common injury in the home, particularly in those with young children. A soft-close finish to cabinetry prevents slamming, protecting fingers from being trapped.

Dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens and homes

damper by Titus

So, what products are available? At Titus, we offer a range of soft-close mechanisms for doors and drawers, including hinge systems and soft-close drawer runners. Here’s a closer look.

Glissando Hinge Dampeners

Offering a soft-close mechanism for doors of all heights and weights, our Glissando Hinge Dampers work with a variety of hinges. The range includes:

  • Glissando TT: An add-on soft-close solution that works with the T-type hinge.
  • Glissando TL3: For consistent soft-close on B-type and S-type 110 hinges.
  • Glissando TL170: A soft-close solution with a 170-degree opening angle for concealed hinges.
  • Glissando CR: A long-lasting soft-close solution for stand-alone doors.

Learn more about the range.

Titusoft soft-close drawer runners

Easy to install on wooden or metal drawers, our soft-close drawer runners are high quality and require no pre-drilling. They can be installed during furniture construction or retrofitted at a later date.

Our soft-close drawer runners feature the Titus hydraulic damper for consistent performance. The range includes:

  • Titusoft MD: A universal system for single wall metal drawers.
  • Titusoft WD: A system created for wooden drawers.
  • Titusoft FF: For face frame cabinets with wooden drawers.

Learn more about the range.

Titusoft SD sliding door dampers

Our sliding door dampers guarantee no re-bounce for a consistent, soft-close effect on doors of all sizes and weights. Compact and easy to install, they utilise the Titus modular hydraulic damper for reliable and consistent performance. The range includes:

  • Titusoft SD100s: For bottom-running sliding doors.
  • Titusoft SD100: For top-running sliding doors.

Learn more about the range.

hand closing a cupboard door

We hope you enjoyed learning more about quiet kitchen and home designs for the future. We can supply quality furniture hardware in high volumes. If you want dampers for quiet, soft-close kitchens, get in touch with the team to request a sample or more information.


Trending drawer appliances for modern kitchens

More and more in modern kitchens, we’re seeing innovative ideas and solutions for saving and creating unique spaces. When working with a finite amount of space in a kitchen, it makes sense to try to optimise that space as much as possible.

Kitchen drawer cabinet appliances mean you can make the most of the space you have, hugely reducing the wasted space you’d have with just a cabinet. Here’s a little more about drawer cabinets and their many uses, and a look at what is popular right now for kitchen drawers.

Kitchen drawer cabinet ideas

Stacked drawers

stacked drawers

With stacked drawers, a single large drawer opens to reveal a hidden, smaller slimline drawer stacked within. This is a great way to optimise space that you’d otherwise lose out on. The smaller drawer can be used for cutlery, plates or spaces, and the larger drawer beneath is a great place to store appliances, large pots and pans or cooking equipment.  

Hybrid drawer cabinets

Cabinet with pull out drawer shelf

One option is to use regular cabinet fronts with full-length doors that open to reveal pull-out drawers or shelves. Externally, the drawers will look like cabinets – perfect for achieving a sleek, cohesive look in your kitchen – but you can enjoy the additional space and convenience of drawers. This can be a useful way to store smaller appliances like toasters, blenders and slow cookers when you don’t have a lot of countertop space. 

Integrated appliances with drawer cabinets

integrated kitchen cabinet appliance

Large appliances break up the flow of a kitchen and are often not the most aesthetically pleasing. If you want to hide the appliances within your kitchen, like a dishwasher or washing machine, an appliance drawer cabinet is perfect. Cleverly disguising your appliances, an appliance drawer is made in the same colour and style as your existing cabinetry and drawers, offering a consistent finish.

Handleless drawers 

handleless drawer

Seamless kitchens have been a big trend for a while now, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Concealed cupboard and drawer designs without visible handles create a completely streamlined finish, perfect for achieving a sleek, unbusy atmosphere in a kitchen.

Pan storage drawer 

pan storage drawer

Pan and pot cabinets might just be a thing of the past. More and more people are now instead opting for a deep drawer to store their pans and appliances. It means you can store pans at waist height and spend less time rummaging about through high or low cabinets, making preparing food more convenient.   

Slimline drawers

Tekform Slimline Drawers From Titus

A space-efficient way to store cutlery, plates or even papers and work equipment, slimline drawers help you make the most of your kitchen space. A slimline drawer means you can use the full height of the available space and ultimately store more in your kitchen. Our Tekform Slimline drawer boxes are sleek, space efficient and durable.  

Under-cabinet drawer 

under cabinet drawer

Often called ‘toe kick drawers’ as many available options can be opened with a tap of your foot, the under-cabinet drawer is the perfect way to make the most of the often-unused bit of space between your lower cabinets and the floor. At around 4 inches high, these drawers are great for additional storage for things like baking trays, additional plates and tea towels.  

Thin spice rack drawer 

pull out spice rack drawer

If you have a thin space between cabinets, make the most of it with a skinny vertical drawer that pulls out to reveal shelving for spices. Ideal for smaller kitchens that don’t have the worktop or cupboard space for a traditional spice rack, this is a great way to optimise space. And, the drawer system makes it easy to get to all your spices – even those stored right at the back.  

Soft close for a quality finish 

Titus soft close

No matter how you choose to make use of the drawers and cabinets within a kitchen, quality closing mechanisms and hinges offer the perfect finishing touch. Soft close drawer runners make drawer appliances smooth and efficient, with a quiet ‘SoftTouch’ landing and a sleek concealed finish.    

We hope you enjoyed reading these kitchen drawer and cabinet ideas.

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How our integrated offering puts the customer first

Titus has been engineering precision components and cabinetry hardware for over 40 years. Everything we know about component engineering goes into every unit we sell.

Our totally integrated approach underpins everything that we stand for. From end to end, our integrated engineering puts the customer front and centre, always keeping them in mind to ensure we deliver an effective, problem-solving end result.

To do this, we combine our customer-led research and development with lean processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing operations. Each stage of the innovation and production process is strategically managed. From formalising new product concepts and developing prototypes to manufacturing and bringing to market components that solve real industry problems, every step is fully integrated.

Our integrated offering is made up of three main areas of expertise – product design, technologies and manufacturing operations. Each area supports and creates added value for the other two, and together they result in quality precision components. Here’s a little more about the key areas.

Product design.

We design and engineer unique components that are consistent and repeatable in both quality and performance.

Manufacturing technologies

We combine state-of-the-art technologies with tried and tested manufacturing processes to improve productivity and product quality.

Manufacturing operations

With an extensive in-house manufacturing operation, we are best placed for high-volume production of a range of precision components.


In addition to this, we create fittings for purpose. We deliver a lower ‘total installed cost’ by creating products that offer a range of competitive and unique advantages. We always strive to create components that have less parts and less preparation actions for faster assembly either in the factory or in the home. And, we have a fast time to market. Our lean and cost-effective processes allow us to service customers who require large quantities of products delivered to the factory quickly.

Ultimately, at each stage of the process, we ensure that consumer-centric design is our priority. All the main technologies and services required for high-volume production of hardware are available in-house.

The components we create are easy to install and provide lasting strength, all with the end goal of improving furniture quality for our customers. All stages of the process perfectly complement each other and are reinforced by a strong understanding of consumer needs – ultimately resulting in a completely integrated service for our customers.


If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, get in touch to see how we can help.