How Titus elevates everyday living

From durable kitchen cabinets to seamlessly gliding bedroom drawers, the moving parts of a house deserve meticulous attention to detail. These components form the backbone of day-to-day living, so retail groups and manufacturers need to prioritise reliability and durability. By investing in quality components, they can help enhance the overall functionality of our living spaces and contribute to a comfortable home environment.

Our commitment to quality

At Titus, our range of components and connectors is designed to address the needs of retail groups, manufacturers and end users alike. Our commitment to quality and innovation means we understand the world of furniture manufacture like no other. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to fitness for purpose, we’ve earned our reputation as a trusted leader in the world of furniture components.

Here’s why reliable components are a must for functional, durable furniture and fittings in the home – offering both peace of mind for consumers and greater choice for manufacturers.

  • Consumers deserve peace of mind that they can rely on their furniture day in and day out. Technically advanced components designed and manufactured by Titus ensure that cabinets close smoothly, drawers slide effortlessly, and hinges open quietly.
  • With innovative solutions from Titus, homeowners can trust that their furniture will stand the test of time.
  • Our components give manufacturers the flexibility to design and produce a wide range of furniture to meet the diverse needs of their customers.
  • Our commitment to design and engineering ensures that furniture will deliver consistent performance and durability.

Innovative solutions for modern homes

We offer a comprehensive range of components that are designed to work across various furniture applications throughout the home. Let’s take a closer look at how Titus products contribute to both the functionality and the aesthetics of the moving parts of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Kitchens: Efficiency and style

The heart of many homes, kitchen furniture should be not only practical and durable but stylish too. Components from Titus can play a crucial role in ensuring that kitchen furniture works smoothly and efficiently. The Quickfit TL5 dowel connector is the perfect choice for kitchen cabinet construction. It’s a high-performance connector that allows for the quick and reliable assembly of cabinets and shelves, and its expanding steel sleeve creates strong joints to ensure that cabinets remain sturdy and reliable for years to come.

Our T-type soft close hinges are the perfect partner to the TL5, offering homeowners the convenience of quiet closing action for cabinet doors, to reduce noise and enhance the overall atmosphere in the kitchen.

Bedrooms: Maximising storage and convenience

Organisation and calmness are key in a bedroom, so furniture and fittings should help consumers streamline their daily routines and maximise their storage space – all while looking great. The Tekform Slimline Drawer system offers sleek, space-efficient storage for wardrobes and dressers. With options for multiple drawer heights and load capacities, the system can help homeowners accommodate clothing, accessories and other essentials with ease. The soft-close functionality guarantees smooth and silent operation, helping to prevent slamming and maintain a tranquil bedroom environment.

For sliding wardrobes, doors and drawers, Slidix, our comprehensive range of damping solutions, ensures quiet and effortless closing, even on heavier doors. It’s reliable at any closing speed and the damping curve is fully programmable, thanks to the Titus damper inside. Slidix helps blend sleek design with practical functionality, perfect for a bedroom environment.

Bathrooms: Creating a tranquil atmosphere

Most people want their bathroom to be a space that’s peaceful and calm, with the ‘spa-like bathroom’ trend growing in popularity. Getting the finishing touches right is a crucial part of creating a high-end, relaxing home bathroom. Soft-close components that offer a slow and soundless closing motion are the perfect complement to a luxurious bathroom set-up, and our range of soft-close mechanisms is an ideal solution.

Our Glissando Hinge Dampeners provide a gentle closing action for doors that’s ideal for minimising noise and creating a sense of calmness in the bathroom. It’s a great solution for cabinet doors as it provides effortless and quiet closing. Our Slidix range also offers a versatile solution for bathroom spaces. With Slidix, you can easily achieve a gentle closing action for sliding shower doors. It’s designed to offer reliable damping at any closing speed, eliminating jarring closures. These solutions not only look great but also function seamlessly, offering homeowners a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own bathroom.

In the quest to create a comfortable and modern home, components that help the moving parts of a home operate seamlessly are often overlooked, but crucial. From kitchens to bathrooms, our comprehensive range of components is designed to meet the needs of homeowners, retailers and manufacturers. They are designed to deliver not just functionality, but lasting performance.

If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, please get in touch to see how we can help. We create hinges, connectors, furniture damping components and drawer systems which deliver consistent quality and simple mounting, in high volumes.