Looking back over a year of growth in 2022

2022 has been filled with huge successes at Titus UK, but it’s also not been without its challenges. We’re proud that it has ultimately been a year of great growth for the business, as we continue to use our 40 years’ expertise to engineer precision components and cabinetry hardware for our customers.

We’re passionate about helping more businesses and individuals improve furniture quality and ease of assembly with the right components. As we head into 2023, we’re looking forward to continuing utilising our integrated offering in order to deliver effective, problem-solving end results for the market.

To round off the year, we caught up with Phil Beddoe, our General Manager for UK and Northern Europe, to find out more about the highlights of 2022, as well as what’s on the horizon in 2023.

Hi Phil, how has 2022 been for Titus?

Uncertainty is out there, as the effects of the disruption of the Ukraine war reduce consumer optimism, and high inflation on energy costs all affect consumer spending. Raw materials, energy, sub-components, outsourcing, labour and freight costs all escalated significantly during 2021/22.

However, I’m proud to say that even in the face of these significant challenges, Titus has been able to grow the business in all markets.

What have been the highlights of 2022 for the business?

This year, we have added 40% to the group’s operational manufacturing area and invested in added capacity in all regions and in all products. These investments strengthen our position as market-leading developers and suppliers of high-volume precision-engineered furniture components, putting us in a fantastic position for the coming years.

Also, in 2022 Titus enjoyed continuing success of the T-type soft-close hinge and the TeraBlack, our matte-finish black furniture connectors. This consistent demand reaffirms the fact that our products deliver consistent quality and simple mounting for our customers, and has allowed us to invest back into the business.

Have there been any challenges to overcome this year?

Over the previous two years, we, alongside many others in the industry, saw very high growth rates. This was partly fuelled by the unpreceded growth in home improvements during the pandemic – as families spent more time at home, many took the opportunity to update areas of their homes.

These high growth rates over the past two years have now naturally started to see some signs of decline in demand in Europe, Asia, and the USA, something which the business will to work hard to overcome.

Have there been any notable team changes or new recruits this year that you can tell us about?

Ben Dredge has joined the team in Titus UK as a regional Sales Manager. He brings many years’ experience in the KBB hardware market and I’m confident will make a positive impact in visiting and assisting customers with their requirements.

Are there any new products on the horizon?

We are looking to introduce the Tacto drawer system; a slim, double-wall drawer upgraded with a Tacto touch opening system for handleless fronts. The installation for the Tacto drawer system is the same as our standard slimline drawer system, so remains simple and precise to mount. The added benefit is a smooth, push-open feature that’s ideal for those looking for a seamless finish.

We’re also continuing with developments for FastFit. Our FastFit technology can reduce assembly time by up to 50%, so we’re looking forward to developing the solutions further over the next year.

What do you think makes Titus stand out? Can you tell us a little bit about how your integrated offering helps customers get great quality and value?

Put simply, product development, manufacturing and engineering expertise, and marketing of innovation has always been in the company’s DNA.

We’re well-known for providing furniture manufacturers with solutions that strengthen their competitive advantage on the market. The latest trends in kitchen design prove that the market prefers simplicity and clean, stress-free environments. In turn, Titus solutions are designed to also make the furniture assembly experiences simple and stress-free, while also providing reliable and consistent life-long performance. Our solutions improve the competitiveness and differentiation demand of our customers.

What’s in store for Titus in 2023?

2023 is shaping to be another big year for Titus UK. We’ll be using our investment in research and development to bring some exciting new products to the market, including the previously mentioned Tacto drawers and FastFit solutions.

We’ll continue serving our customers and strengthening our position as a reliable partner in the supply of volume components, ultimately helping more people improve furniture quality and ease of assembly with our precision-engineered products.  

Thank you to our customers for a successful year. If you’re a furniture manufacturer or retailer looking for quality components in high volumes in 2023, get in touch on 01977 682582 or email uk@titusplus.com