Quality components for “calm bathrooms”

White bathroom interior with double sink and drawers

A home should be a sanctuary where we can truly relax and switch off, so it makes sense that homeowners are increasingly looking for effective solutions for noise reduction within their homes.

At Titus UK, we’ve touched on the concept ofquiet homesbefore. The right damping applications can tackle the challenge of noise within a home, promoting a peaceful and calm environment. For many, that’s as important in a bathroom as it is in a kitchen. Today, we’re looking at how manufacturers can produce high-end, calm bathrooms with the help of the right components.

Creating a premium finish with quiet bathroom cabinets 

More and more, bathroom manufacturers and designers are looking to create a luxurious, spa-like experience for the end user. Luxurious bathroom décor is on the rise, with luxury bathroom retailer CP Hart reporting a 62% increase in orders over £30,000 in the past year.

Getting the finishing touches right is an important part of creating a high-end bathroom. Soft-close components that offer a slow and soundless closing motion are the perfect complement to a luxurious bathroom set-up. That’s why we offer a range of soft close bathroom cabinet hinges, high-performance dowels and damping products that are ideal for manufacturers looking for quality finishing touches.

Furniture damping and soft-close solutions are engineered through the use of a hydraulic mechanism. Benefits of this include…

  • Protecting the contents of a cabinet or drawer
  • Preventing injury (trapped fingers)
  • Promoting a calmer home environment
  • Adding a luxurious finish

Modern white tiled bathroom

The bathroom cabinet components for luxury bathrooms

Titus UK components are designed to help bathroom manufacturers save time in the factory and the home by being easy to install, durable and fit for purpose. Our bathroom cabinet hardware delivers consistent performance for the life of a bathroom design. We’re dedicated to delivering hardware for bathroom manufacturers at a competitive price and in high volumes that are suited to the manufacturing process, helped along by the fast and reliable service we’re known for.

Here are the soft close bathroom cabinet hinges and components that are ideal for creating an on-trend “calm bathroom”.

T-type soft-close hinge

The T-type is the most reliable soft-close concealed hinge on the market, perfect for bathroom cabinets, medicine cupboards and storage. It is uniquely tool-free, with a 3Way snap-on mount that makes fitting easy, even on tall and heavy cabinet doors. The addition of ‘ConfidentClose’ with a fully adjustable Titus damper means that doors can be closed quickly, with rapid deceleration and a quiet landing in the final four degrees of closure.

Quickfit TL5 dowel

The TL5 dowel is a high-performance, quick-to-fit dowel connector that creates reliable joints in all wood-based materials without the need for additional wooden dowels. It boasts high drilling tolerances and is perfect for a wide range of bathroom furniture materials, including MDF, chipboard and solid wood. It’s also highly tolerant to misalignment, with an expanding sleeve that grips the material and provides a reliable and tight joint – even with drilling inaccuracies.

Tekform slimline drawers

The Tekform box drawer is the sleekest, most space efficient and most durable drawer on the market. For bathroom furniture designers and manufacturers looking for the best quality around, the Tekform drawer offers fast and intuitive assembly, as well as simple mounting thanks to the Titus EasyFix locking system. Soft-close comes as standard, making this the perfect drawer to finish off a tranquil, spa-like bathroom.

Titusoft soft-close drawer runners

Our soft-close drawer runners are intuitive and easy to install on the front side of wooden or metal drawers. With no pre-drilling required, these high-quality runners can be installed during furniture construction or even retrofitted later on when the furniture is already in use. The range includes Titusoft MD for single-wall metal drawers, Titusoft WD for wooden drawers, and Titusoft FF for face frame cabinets with wooden drawers.


Soft-close and discreet, our range of quality components are ideal for bathroom manufacturers looking for a high-end finish. Whether used on under-sink vanity units, sleek bathroom drawers or freestanding bathroom storage, we’re confident our range of hinges, dowels and damping solutions outperform the competition.  

We’re proud to supply quality furniture hardware in high volumes to some of the biggest kitchen, bathroom and furniture manufacturers in the world. If you’re a manufacturer looking for quality soft-close components to complement your products, please get in touch with the team to request a sample or more information.