Slidix: Beyond furniture

At Titus, we take pride in simplifying the assembly process with our precision-engineered components, and we’re recognised by furniture groups and manufacturers alike for our commitment to innovation and quality.

We recently introduced Slidix, our new range of damping solutions that can be used in a wide range of sliding doors and drawers. The great thing about Slidix is it goes beyond just traditional furniture applications; it’s a comprehensive range that extends its benefits to sliding shower doors, internal pocket doors, and more. Here’s more about Slidix and how it redefines soft-close beyond just furniture.

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

Redefining soft-close technology 

Soft-close technology is synonymous with luxury, and we’re now seeing it used across many applications in our daily lives. Beyond simply furniture drawers and cupboards, Slidix is designed to cater to various industries, taking the concept of soft-close to the next level.

Here’s a brief overview of Slidix: 

  • Consistent performance: Reliable damping at any closing speed.
  • No rebounce: Works on applications of various sizes and materials.
  • Comfortable opening: Low pull-open force and minimal effort required.
  • Fully programmable: Users can customise the damping curve for specific needs.
  • Customisation options: Fine-tune with options of damper forces, spring forces and damper characteristics.
  • Wide temperature range: Consistent performance in hot and cold environments ranging from -30°C to +70°C. 
Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

Soft-close for multiple applications 

Slidix for shower screens

Slidix is engineered to improve the way we interact with doors in our homes, and that extends to shower screens. We all understand the importance of tranquillity in a bathroom environment. Slidix eliminates jarring shower screen closures and instead offers gentle, silent operation, thanks to its Titus damper.

Slidix’s temperature tolerance makes it ideal for bathroom environments, too. Whether it’s used on a cold morning or after a steaming hot shower, Slidix maintains consistent performance in the bathroom’s ever-changing temperature conditions.

Slidix for interior pocket doors

Interior pocket doors are sliding door systems that seamlessly divide spaces by disappearing into a compartment in the adjacent wall when fully open. With the addition of Slidix, this transition becomes smoother and more sophisticated than ever before.

Slidix enhances the ambience of living spaces by offering a smooth and controlled motion to interior pocket doors. Even on heavy doors, Slidix guarantees reliable damping with a low pull-open force, meaning minimal user effort. Abrupt, noisy closures are eliminated and replaced by the elegant effect of Titus soft-close technology, transforming living areas into refined and stylish spaces.

Slidix for home appliances including refrigerators

White goods are indispensable in our daily lives, so why not ensure they’re operating at their best and most convenient with the help of Slidix? Slidix elevates the performance of home appliances and white goods including refrigerators, wine coolers and under-counter refrigerator doors.

Designed to be long-lasting, we are confident that Slidix will last the lifespan of your white goods, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. This durability not only saves you time and effort but also reduces the environmental impact of replacement components.

Slidix’s effectiveness in a wide range of temperatures lends it perfectly to use in refrigerators. Slidix maintains consistent performance and ensures that your refrigerator operates flawlessly in cold temperatures. 

Titus Slidix soft close sliding door damper mechanisms

The future of soft-close  

Slidix by Titus is not just a game-changer for furniture, it’s a solution that redefines soft-close technology across multiple different applications. Whether you’re creating a tranquil atmosphere in a bathroom or looking for a quality finish on your white goods, Slidix delivers – all with consistent performance, customisable options and remarkable durability.


If you’d like to elevate your sliding doors with the help of Slidix soft-close damping solutions, contact our expert team for more information or to request a sample.