Kitchen design trends for 2023

At Titus+, we’re committed to standing at the forefront of furniture retail and manufacture. Staying ahead of developments and design trends means we can continue providing consumer-centric solutions that are easy to install and stand the test of time.

As we enter a brand-new year, we’re looking ahead at the kitchen design trends we’re expecting to see in 2023. See our top picks and find out why Titus products offer the perfect finishing touch to some of 2023’s popular kitchen interior design trends.

Modern kitchen with all black cabinetry

Black kitchens

Dark and moody kitchens are set to be big this year. Traditionally, bright, light tones are common in kitchens, but opting for a black kitchen is both a modern and stylish way to stay on trend in 2023.

For a bold and sophisticated kitchen, installing all black cabinetry results in a striking finish. Some people choose to go all out with black painted walls, but a black kitchen can also be paired with lighter painted walls to brighten up the space a little more. It’s also effective when paired with an on-trend shade like royal blue or forest green. Plants are another great addition for black kitchens. They help break up the colour scheme and add interesting new textures.

No matter how an all-black kitchen is styled, our TeraBlack range of hardware and damping is the perfect accompaniment. Created in response to the growing demand for dark cabinet hardware, our TeraBlack components are finished in non-reflective matt black, perfect for blending into black cabinetry for a consistent, stylish aesthetic. But they provide more than just a great aesthetic; the innovative hardware is highly resistant to wear and tear, has anti-corrosion protection, and is engineered for lasting strength.

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Titus soft close

“Quiet kitchens”

Quiet kitchen design has been trending for a while now, but we think it’s set to stay big in 2023. Increasingly, homeowners are looking towards reducing noise and promoting a more tranquil atmosphere in their homes. A great way to promote a quiet and calm home atmosphere is using soft-close and damping solutions that reduce noise in the kitchen.

Damping hinges work using a built-in hydraulic mechanism that reduces speed and sound during the opening and closing of doors and drawers. This results in the popular ‘soft close’ effect. When used in a kitchen, there are many great advantages to soft close mechanisms. They add a high-end finish, stop slamming, and help increase the longevity of a kitchen, thanks to less stress on the hinges.

Our range of damping solutions includes silent close hinge systems, dampers for sliding doors and soft close drawer runners, all of which are perfect for the ‘quiet kitchen’ trend.

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seamless design kitchen

Seamless design

Seamless design is another trend that’s not going anywhere soon. A seamless finish is perfect for fans of minimalism, with concealed cupboards and drawers with no visible handles giving a sleek and streamlined look to a kitchen.

Smooth surfaces and sleek lines are a must for creating an uninterrupted ‘seamless’ aesthetic in a kitchen. Handle less or push-to-open cabinets and drawers, hidden appliances and clever storage are all great ways to truly nail the seamless kitchen trend in 2023.

If kitchen hardware is visible it can detract from the streamlined appeal. Our TeraBlack hardware is designed to tackle this, complimenting a range of interior themes and furniture styles. With a matt black finish, it’s more subtle than silver or black and provides a cool minimalist finish. Our sleek Tekform drawers are another perfect option for a streamlined, sophisticated kitchen.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about these 2023 kitchen trends. At Titus, our components give kitchens a competitive edge – no matter the trend. If you’re looking for quality hardware in high volumes, why not get in touch to see how we can help?